Condo Blues: DIY Giant Peppermint Candy Gift Wrap Tutorial

Monday, December 19, 2016

DIY Giant Peppermint Candy Gift Wrap Tutorial

My husband is a dedicated runner. He runs in even the worst weather conditions, cross trains to prevent injuries, checks in with his doctor about his nutritional needs, and as a result often drinks a protein shake after a workout.

I have so many empty protein powder containers it isn’t even funny. However considering how it contributed to Husband coming in first in his age group and 19th overall out of 800+ runners during his last race, I’m OK with it for the most part.

I repurpose the containers as often as I can for storage before settling on the recycling bin solution. Originally, I was going to upcycle the protein powder containers into GIANT peppermint stick candy decorations and use them to decorate  our front porch for Christmas.

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After Lacey and I finished the project,  I decided to use them as peppermint candy Christmas gift boxes instead.  I ran out of cardboard gift boxes and in all honesty, I don’t want to deal with the folks who make fun of my DIY fabric gift bags this year.

They say I’m too cheap to buy wrapping paper (because we all know velvet and brocades are super cheap fabrics!) In reality my Christmas gift bags are a low waste and reusable solution that reduces the time required to wrap a large amount of gifts, and put my costuming stash to good reuse.

How to Make Giant Peppermint Stick Decorations and Gift Boxes

You will need to make this project:


Empty round food containers – protein powder, oatmeal, etc.

Mod Podge
Red and white peppermint stripe wrapping paper
Red duct tape

Clear cellophane gift wrap


Paint brush


A cute dog to supervise the project. 

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Step by Step How to Make It Tutorial


1. Optional: Cover one end of the container (or both) with red duct tape if you want to use the container as a gift box. Most of my containers have a red lid which is why I used red duct tape to make the ends match.

2. Use the scissors to cut the striped paper to a size that covers the round food container.

3. Use the paint brush to cover the round food container in Mod Podge  and glue the striped paper in place so it covers the container. Allow the Mod Podge to dry completely.

I covered both ends of this container in red duct tape so it matches the rest.

4. Put your gift inside the container and attach the lid

5. Use the scissors to cut the clear plastic gift basket wrap to size and use it to wrap the paper covered container like a piece of candy.

6. Twist the ends of the cellophane like you would to wrap a piece of candy, cut and tie a piece of ribbon on both ends of the plastic gift basket wrap to complete the look.

7. Make a bunch an marvel at the easiest calorie free Christmas Candy you’ll ever make!

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