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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Easy DIY Camp Chair Makeover

I used a fun nautical fabric to make replacement camp chair carrying bags (read the Condo Blues tutorial here) to go with my blue camp chairs. Unfortunately while there are many shades of blue in my fabric, the exact color of the chair isn’t in the fabric - and it bugs me.

A lot.

Putting an anchor on the back of my chairs would tie them in with the anchors in the fabric chair tote bags. I’m not a great painter so painting is out.

But sewing?

Sewing I can do.

How to Embroider a Folding Chair

Keep reading to learn how to personalize your camping chairs!

Machine embroidering the anchor on the back of a folding chair back would be a nightmare. Sewing an anchor applique was the solution. If you don’t have an embroidery machine you can buy an Anchor applique from Amazon here.  (I am including affiliate links in this post for your convenience.)

I used my Brother sewing and embroidery machine to embroider an anchor design I downloaded from onto a piece of fabric. I ran s small bead of fray check (a seamstress’s BFF) around the edge of design just in case I accidentally snipped a thread when cutting it out and carefully cut it out with these tiny embroidery scissors.

I used E6000 Stitchless Adhesive Fabric Glue (learn more here) to glue the anchor applique to the back of my fabric folding chair. The E6000 Fabric Glue is similar to regular E6000 glue but it is specifically made for fabric, appliques in particular. E6000 Fabric Glue is less thick and doesn’t glob out of the tube like regular E6000 and best of all the Fabric Glue dries doesn’t show when it dries clear. Basically I have both types of E6000 in my craft room because they work best for different things.

I used my magnetic pattern weights on either side of the fabric chair back to make use the applique adhered to the fabric and allowed the fabric glue to dry overnight.

The next morning I remove the pattern weights and my chair makeover was finished!

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