Condo Blues: Public Speaking and Press

Public Speaking and Press

Do you need a green living, crafting, home improvement, or technology expert? I can help you out with that.

Why in the world would you consider pairing up with me? Because: 
  • Condo Blues is one of the Top 100 Green Blogs for College Students
  •  I am a member of the Green Moms Carnival. Shorty Award for Green and  #9 on Groupable's Top 100 Most Socially Influential Moms Groups

  • I've been a guest food expert twice on Cooking with Caitlin's Foodie's Night In (#FNIChat)Twitter party through my food blog Lazy Budget Chef.

  •  I blog as The Lazy Budget Chef for the Lifetime show The Balancing Act 

  • I've also worked with brands as an ambassador on both of my blogs with companies including White Cloud, One Million Acts of Green (owned by Cisco,) Purex, and Freschetta

Professionally, I have a degree in Public Relations and started my career in TV programming and promotion. I've been on line since 1997. I am an elearning course developer and freelance writer. I have developed courses for such companies as the Dummies books, General Mills, American Eclectic Power, Cardinal Health, and the State of Ohio on a variety of IT and soft skill topics. That means I know how to put together a meaningful presentation and the attendees will learn something in an interesting manner.

I am also a talented speaker and classroom instructor. I have acted in local TV commercials, theater, and short films. One of my favorite acting jobs was the several years I was a professional jester. I loved entertaining in a family and brand friendly way while slipping in some history lessons when my audience was not paying attention!

Please contact me at condoblues [AT] gmail [DOT] com for details.


Condo Blues and it's author Lisa Nelsen-Woods were featured in the following media outlets:

Public Speaking

Craftsman DIY Blogger Summit - I taught a group of Mom and Dad bloggers and DIY newbies at the Craftsman Experience in Chicago. This speaking engagement included interviews and appearances in The Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana podcast, live streaming of my build during the blogger event, and taped and live interviews on The Craftsman Experience. Topics included:

  • Butt joints - what they are and how to make them
  • Drills vs. Impact drivers - how and why to use each tool
  • Wood glue vs. white glue for wood
  • The Joy of Countersinking
  • Hole saw safety and how to use it

I am the woman in the green shirt in the video


  • The Weather Channel - 58 Degree Challenge - Series of on-camera interviews on how my family stays warm during the winter with the indoor temperature set at 58 degrees (F) 


  • The Columbus Dispatch - Do-It-Yourself Energy Fixes Can Add Up To Big Savings- Another story on how I cut my condo's electricity and natural gas bills in half using new habits, cheap fixes, and a whole lotta light bulbs.

  • The Chicago Sun Times - The Two Natural Ways to Dye Easter Eggs and Keep Heat and Utility Bills from Going Up the Chimney


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