Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fearful Dog Behavior Training at the Halloween Pet Parade

One of our favorite ways to socialize a rescue dog with behavioral issues is going to pet rescue events. It is a dog appropriate venue with better behaved dogs, rescue people understand if you ask them to approach your dog in a weird way because you are working on an issue.

They also understand if you have to leave early because your dog is tapped out or has an issue. We learn about new ways to help our dog, support great causes, and it is fun!

how to use dog events for behavoiral rehab training
Hey Charlie, do you need help with those bungee cords? I’m feeling a little distracted. Lisa says I should do something to put that energy in a positive direction when I feel this way.

The Capital Area Humane Society Halloween Pet Parade is something we look forward to all year. We work up to it by going to smaller dog rescue events throughout the summer. This event can be overwhelming to a dog because there are a lot of people and animals in a small space and costumes are involved.

Some of the people and dog Halloween costumes are clever and amazing. Here are a few of our favorites.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Bathroom Vanity Hunt Begins, Maybe

We are ready to move forward in renovating the water damaged master and guest bathrooms.

And by move forward, I mean trying to decide on a bathroom design plan, pricing options, what to keep, what to refurbish, and what to replace besides what needs to be replaced due to the water damage.

Both bathrooms have this plain jane basic builder's style vanity. The master bath has a double sink and vanity which is the secret to our long and happy marriage.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wood Laminate Floors: Yay or Nay?

 I never really thought about the carpeting in my house except for vacuuming dog fur tumbleweeds when Lacey's coat changes for the season and spot cleaning coffee spills because I am a klutz.

Th Great Water Damage Room Renovations is forcing me to think about replacing my bedroom floor covering. The question is with what?  And am I stuck with horrible wood laminate flooring if we don't go with carpet?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tweaking the Gallery Wall with Fulcrum Gallery

Sometimes I like to spend an afternoon (or less) giving a room in my house a mini makeover by switching up the furniture or accessories. It is quick. It is cheap. And more often than not, it makes my old stuff look like new stuff because I edited a collection to make the displayed pieces stand out, moved something to a different room in the house, or replaced something on display with something I had in storage.

gallery wall before and after

Rotating collections is important. It keeps the room from being overwhelmed with a display with say 100 cookie jars. You and your guests can appreciate and see those key pieces because they aren’t part of a visual mish mosh.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to Make a Mini Top Hat

I made a super simple fluffy tutu (read my no sew tutu tutorial here) for a costume. I’m going for a kooky Dresden Dolls, Steampunk, Katy Perry, retro, vaudeville kind of vibe. I need one more thing so I can pull off the look: a little top hat fascinator.

 Tiny top hats make Halloween costumes more fun!

Instead of running to the store to buy top hat making supplies, I bought the materials by treating myself to a cup of take out coffee. That’s right!  I made my ring leader’s hat from a disposable cup.

The steps in this tutorial are very forgiving. Like my Fourth of July Uncle Sam fascinator, you don’t necessarily need to do the steps in the order I have them listed in this tutorial with the exception of assembling the hat pieces and hot gluing them together.

Although I think it is easier to add the decorative trim,  hat band, feathers, etc. after the hat is assembled because it gives me the option of using the decorations to hide any seams or hot glue blobs. Sneaky! Sneaky!

How to Make a Top Hat Out of a Cup

Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to Make a Fluffy No Sew Tutu

I need a costume for a performance. I opened our costume closet and came up with a costume idea with a kooky Dresden Dolls, Steampunk, Katy Perry, vaudeville kind of vibe.

Best of all I my costume includes a tutu! I always wanted to wear a tutu as a kid but unfortunately modern dancers don't do the tutu.

Sorry Martha Graham, this gal is making her long denied tutu dreams come true!

Dancers tip: Wear a pair of flesh colored tights (or pantyhose if you wearing them as part of a Halloween costume) under your fishnet tights. The hose will even out the skin tone of  your legs. It also helps the fish nets stay on and from bagging around your ankles with movement.
Dancers tip #2: Don't buy the cheapo fishnet tights at the Halloween store buy professional dancer's fishnet tights (get more info about them here.) Dancer's tights have a flat nylon sole so you aren't painfully walking on little ropes all night. They cost a little more but are totally worth it!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DIY Limbo

They say when life throws you lemons, make lemonade.

I want to throw those lemons back and bonk life in the head. A lemon for a lemon and all that.
Three weeks after the Great Bathroom Faucet Flood, the house looks like this with the exception that the heaters and dehumidifiers are gone. 

Our homeowners insurance will cover the damage. We are still waiting for their assessment of what needs to stay and go and what they will and will not cover. Without even a baseline dollar amount, we can’t decide if or what we want to upgrade in this unplanned multi room renovation.

I want to be blogging about the fun stuff like how to select flooring. I have no idea about the who, where, why, when, where, and how to buy flooring. Instead, I’m forced to blog about how I want to blog about flooring and renovating my house. *sigh*