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Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Make a Duct Tape and Telephone Book Footstool

My feet don’t reach the floor when I sit in my desk chair to work on the computer.

If I lower my chair so my feet reach the floor, then my computer monitor and the keyboard tray on my desk are too high and give me a slight shrug while I work. You will not believe how much head, neck, and back pain that barely noticeable tic of non alignment can cause.

If I don't get a migraine, the pain makes me feel beaten up all over my body, pain shoots down my extremities, and I feel like I want to vomit.

It took me years to  find the right person to tell me that a poor ergonomic work station not tailored to someone of my petite stature is the cause of my mystery symptoms.

Luckily, since I already use a desk with a lowered keyboard tray,  most of the adjustments I need to do to make sure my arms are wrists are parallel to my keyboard are on my desk chair.   I use a couple of thick books as a monitor stand (,) some painter tape on the bottom of my desk chair to remind me where to reset my chair height, and awareness that if for example, I'm starting to feel a shooting pain in my arm I might be hunching over or set the mouse just a little too far right from its original position which makes me overreach slightly.

That's the shirt story long on why my feet often dangle three and half inches above the floor everyday while I work.

The is part of the fun of being fun sized!

This is not ergonomic for the lower half of my body. Sometimes I get a slight knee ache.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Unique Victorian Transoms

During our Put-in-Bay vacation, Husband and I toured the Victorian home of the Valentine Doller, one of the wealthiest men on Put-in-Bay.  This house tour was different from most of the historical home tours Husband and I do because The Doller House Estate is also the home of the Put-in-Bay Winery.

DSC_1214When you pay for the tour, you get Doller family history, a history of Put-in-Bay resident life, with a side of select wine tastings. History class never tasted so good!

The home is your typical Victorian house. Lovely from the outside but lacking a bit in original to the house whimsical furniture details because for some unexplained reason, Valentine Doller demanded in his will that everything in the house, including his personal papers be burned after he died. Strange, because from all accounts, Doller was an upstanding citizen. It makes you wonder if he had some deep dark secrets he didn’t want the world to know about.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Seven Tools to Remove Shower Tile Grout

The grout in between the tiles in the Master Bathroom is cracking and pitting.  I patched the tile grout when I found an issue, knowing that eventually, I would have to remove all of the shower caulk and tile grout and regrout the shower.

I wasn’t looking forward to removing all of the grout in my bathroom and replacing it. Not because removing grout is hard but because removing bathroom grout is time consuming and messy.   Putting grout in between the tiles is easy and the clean up is well, as difficult as cleaning up usually is after a big project – better if you can get someone else to do it. If you can’t rope someone else into cleaning up your mess for you, a wet/dry vaccum makes the job easier. I mentioned dust flying everywhere, yes?

Two Recommended Power Tools for Removing Tile Grout and Three that Aren’t so Great

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Green #Brita BacktoCollege Shopping and Giveaway!

This post brought to you by Brita. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mr. 2 of 10 is going to be a college freshman this fall.

A freshman!

In college!


Back to College Giveaway

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY Duct Tape Decorated Flash Drive

When any of The Ten has a USB flash drive on their back to school shopping lists, they know they can count on Aunt Lisa, The World’s Most Fabulous Aunt ™ for a freebie. I always have spare thumb drives.

I’m extremely lucky that some of the brands I ask for information for you guys The Best Readers in the World (trademark pending) give it to me on a flash drive. After I move the files onto my computer, I have a storage drive to pass on to any kid who needs one for school.

While I won’t accept information from a brand I wouldn’t be proud to be associated with for my readers, some of the printed drives may unintentionally break a school rule. For example, while this USB drive from Zippo had information about a Zippo refillable candle lighter (that I keep forgetting to buy) a teacher may think it is promoting smoking because Zippo also makes cigarette lighters.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Washi Tape USB Flash Drive

I have another decorated USB flash drive project for you. I’m using washi tape to spiff up a flip around flash drive. This is an easy, quick, and cute way to identify your flip around flash drive from everyone else’s flip around flash drive in school or in my case, the car. Husband and I keep our personal playlists on separate drives in the car.

How to Decorate a Flash Drive with Washi Tape

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Low Waste School Lunch Kits for Teens from Wild Mint Shop

My friend asked me to help her find new reusable back to school food storage containers for her soon to be teenager son. She said finding cute lunch savers for her preschooler was easier than shopping for her teen. Teenage Son passed his current set of cute elementary school BPA free containers  to his younger brother.

She was having a hard time finding something that met both her and Teenage Son’s list of requirements: