Condo Blues: How to Dry Fresh Lavender the Lazy Way

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How to Dry Fresh Lavender the Lazy Way

I have fresh lavender growing in my yard. Every summer, I cut and dry it by wrapping ribbon or strings around a bunch of lavender stalks and hang it upside down in a closet to dry and to protect my clothes from months for the coming year. Lavender is a natural month deterrent.


Sometimes I just put the fresh cut lavender in a dry vase and let it dry
that way.


The best time to cut lavender for drying is when all of the purple buds on the stalk are blooming but before the lavender flower buds die and dry out (generally mid July in zone 5).

After the lavender was dry, I used it to make moth repelling sachets for my closets.

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