Condo Blues: How to Hem Pants Into Shorts

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to Hem Pants Into Shorts

A recent closet clean out revealed that I had three, count them three pairs of khaki pants. What I am going to do with three pairs of khaki pants? After looking through some photos from last summer, I had a What Not to Wear moment that gave me the answer to the pant overpopulation problem.

I needed some new summer shorts. Bermuda shorts in fact. So, I made a pair of shorts out of a spare pair of khaki pants. I cut the legs of the pants to my knee and hemmed the pants into some much more fashionable summer shorts. (The demo plays twice in the following video.)

But what to do with the material that was leftover from the khaki pant surgery? The folks at Threadbanger came to my rescue. They make reconstructed ruched hats out of leftover pant legs.

Problem solved.

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