Condo Blues: Growing Upside Down Tomatoes: Watering Schedule

Monday, August 25, 2008

Growing Upside Down Tomatoes: Watering Schedule

I thought it was time for an upside down tomato plant update.


I’m happy to say that I have five green tomatoes growing on my plant and several flowers that I hope will turn into tomatoes. Keep your fingers crossed.

“What a minute”, you say, “You planted two tomato plants in your topsy turvey upside down tomato planter, not one. What happened to the other plant?”

Easy. I overwatered the planter and lost one of two tomato plants to root rot. Oops.

Upside Town Tomato Watering Schedule Old and New

More than a few of you have asked me how often I water my topsy turvey upside down tomato plants. The planter’s instructions said to water the plants every day because the drainage holes in the upside down planter will make the soil dry out more quickly than a conventional potted plant.

This didn’t work so well. I hung the tomato planter from the under hang over my back porch way over my head but out of the way when the long tomato vines began to grow. I have to stand on a chair in order to water the hanging tomato planter. Because I’m short, I can’t quite see where the hole is in the top of the plant and I have to guess. That being the case, when I watered the planter with a non-spouted 2-liter soda bottle I got a daily unexpected bath from the water splooshing over the top of the planter until I felt around with the top of the bottle and shoved it in the watering hole in the top of the planter. File this bright idea under DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

And like I said before, apparently, 2 liters of water was too much water for my planter to comfortably chug on a daily basis because one of my two tomato plants developed root rot and died. Oops. This is another one to file under DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

After removing the dead tomato plant from the planter I was determined not to overwater Tomato Plant Number 2 (which got a field commission and was promoted to Tomato Plant Number 1.) Instead of giving Tomato Plant Number 1 a bottle of soda each day I decided to give it a bottle of wine every other day.

Wine? Well, OK, not exactly. I used an empty wine bottle as a watering can for my upside down tomato plant. The wine bottle worked much better than the 2-liter soda bottle because the longer neck of the wine bottle fit perfectly into the hole in the top of the planter much better than the soda bottle ever did. The wine bottle holds just enough water to give the plants a healthy drink while not overwatering the plant. Best of all I don’t get an unexpected bath when I water my overhead hanging plants!

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