Condo Blues: 11 Green Ways to Clean for the Holidays

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

11 Green Ways to Clean for the Holidays

One of the last things I do before the holiday gathering starts is clean my house. I suspect you might too. Or at the very least will need to do a through cleaning AFTER the holiday hordes have invaded your home.

You can still have a clean house and keep it a green house. Here are 11 tips for green cleaning from some of the coolest bloggers around. If you look closely at timestamp 0:40, you’ll see little ol’ me!

Scotch Brite  recorded this video at Blogher last summer. Please forgive my on camera presence.  I look like a blinking bobble head because I was sleep deprived. My insomnia kicked in during the conference. I just could not sleep with out Blitzkrieg curled up underneath my bed and snoring like a buzz saw. Yes, I know I’m pathetic. But at least my tip is sound and my house is always clean!

It may sound like I’m sarcastic about Scotch Brite sponges but I’m not. I like their natural fiber and biodegrable sponges and was a customer of theirs before I shot this video last summer. I like that I can buy their greener sponges in a regular store and that they hold up to being cleaned in the dishwasher to prolong their life. I tossed an old one in my compost bin to see what would happen. I’ll give you a report once my compost bin thaws out this spring.

Do you have any quick green cleaning tips?

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