Condo Blues: Board and Batten Waincoting

Monday, February 20, 2012

Board and Batten Waincoting

Kids rooms are one of the few rooms you can go nuts with colors and themes.

Until you move.

Or you buy a new house with a football themed bedroom and you have to put your not football room loving daughter in it,  like Alison from House of Hepworths.

I wonder how many coats of paint and primer Alison needed to cover that football field? Photo courtesy of House of Hepworths 

Of course, Alison could have primed the wall and paint the room the pale pink her daughter requested and called it a day.

That’s not Alison’s style.

She built board and batten wainscot from scratch, installed it around the room, painted the room the pale pink her daughter requested, and then called it day. Actually, the project took longer than a day but why quibble with time lines when the payoff speaks for itself?

If your room lacks architectural features, make them yourself! 
Photo courtesy of House of Hepworths 

The board and batten adds interest to the room. I love kid’s rooms with elements that can grow with the child.

Alison has a great board and batten tutorial on House of Hepworths  if you want to try it yourself.

What do you think? Board and batten – nay or yay?

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Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

You. Are. So. Awesome. Thank you for featuring my B&B. Can't wait to see you Thursday! xoxo

Mary said...

Wow- the board and batten detail really makes this room more appealing, especially the window!

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