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Monday, November 19, 2012

20 Cute and Eco! Christmas Ornaments

I think my love of tree ornaments comes from Grandmother making me ornaments each Christmas of my teenage years so I’d have a set when I went out on my own. My favorites will hang on our family Christmas tree. It feels like she is still with us during Christmas. 

I carry on the Christmas tree ornament gift tradition. I give each of my nine nieces and nephews a Baby’s First Christmas ornament on their first Christmas. Santa always puts a new ornament in Miss 3 of 9’s and Mr. 7 of 9’s Christmas stocking since those are the only kids who do stockings (besides my house.) I usually buy those ornaments so I don’t tip them off that Santa sometimes has help filling their stockings from this side of the North Pole. Not to mention, I get to satisfy my ornament addition, um fascination, by spending a lot of time browsing for their perfect yearly ornament.

Let’s check out some Christmas tree ornament eye candy!  

 Click the photo to see a larger version than my blog template will allow.

The thing I like most about these ornamented is they are all made from eco friendly materials but don’t necessarily look it. The receiver sees a pretty tree ornament first not a hippy dippy Aunt-Lisa-is-trying-to-push-that-green-living agenda, which I try very hard not to do. I try to live by example instead. And by giving cute ornaments made from natural materials!

You can find all of these ornaments at my favorite Christmas store World Market.

Ornaments starting from left to right:

1. Natural Fiber Polar Bear Ornament  He is so cute. ‘nuff said.

2. Wood Herringbone Fabric Deer Ornaments, Set of 2  I like the curly swirly antlers. 

3. Metal Christmas Vintage Reproduction Postcard Ornaments,Set of 4  for you vintage lovers out there.
4. Natural Fiber Nest with Eggs Ornament  I just love this. I think it would add a touch of nature to a live Christmas tree.
5. Hand Cut Paper Safari Animal Ornaments, Set of 6  because sometimes Christmas morning in all of its happy frenzy is a zoo J

6. Paper Dinosaur Ornaments, Set of 3 Dinos may not say Christmas to you but it would to any child going through a Dinosaur phase or for your favorite paleontologist.

7. Wood Asian Food Ornaments, Set of 3 They remind me of the display food they use as the menu in Japan restaurant. Also, I can’t pass up a good noodle bowl – ever.  

8. Wood Swedish Horse Ornaments, Set of 4  I bought these last year for my Christmas tree!

9. Feather Tree Ornaments, Set of 2 Feathers! 

10. Glass Glitter Lace Ball Ornaments, Set of 3  because I do a romantic Elizabethan tree in addition to our small crazy ornament tree. 

11. Paper House Ornaments, Set of 3  It’s a little bit of New England in winter hanging on your tree. 
12. Wood Laser Cut Glitter Snowflake Ornaments, Set of 2  Finally a snowflake ornament that isn’t plastic! 

13. Felt Snowman Head with Earmuffs Ornaments, Set of 3 because they are cute, fun, and I like snowmen.

14. Paper Vintage-Inspired Star Ornaments, Set of 2   More retro vintage goodness. 

15. Felt Squirrel Ornaments, Set of 2  Squirrels always remind me of Doug from the movie Up. These little guys won’t pilfer from your bird feeder either.

16. Paper Nutcracker Soldier Ornaments, Set Of 4  I like the paper take on the traditional wood nutcracker because no one can actually use the wood ones to crack a nut. 

17. White Natural Fiber Hedgehog Ornaments, Set of 2  More animal cuteness!

18. Glass Lucky Cat Ornaments, Set of 2  Miss 3 of 9 shares my love of Japanese culture and can use a little luck because she is dipping a toe in the community theater waters. I think Santa will put this in her Christmas stocking this year.

19. Glass Popcorn Ornament because I have three types of open Amish popcorn in my kitchen right now. Need I say more? 

20. Herringbone Fabric Deer Ornaments, Set of 2  These remind me of the large stuffed reindeer decorations I sewed for my mom and sister one Christmas.

If I’m not buying a Christmas gift from World Market, Husband or I am usually getting one purchased from World Market. My sister or Husband’s sister builds a World Market goodie basket around a food genre or theme as our gift. And you know what? It always fits! 

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Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Those all look fabulous! I love that you have the tradition of giving ornaments. I have treasured ones that my grandma gave me too.

KarenS said...

I went to World Market and love all their Christmas Decorations and they are so reasonable. Thanks for cluing me in to this website.

Schulz Family said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I love some of these ornament. The next is my favourite.

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