Condo Blues: How to Make a Champagne Cork Cage Chair

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Make a Champagne Cork Cage Chair

Husband opened a bottle of champagne and promptly popped the cork in a little basket we keep on the kitchen counter for wine cork upcycling emergencies.

He looked the wire cork cage over and issued me a challenge, "Can you come up with something to do with this? The recycling won't take it and it seems a shame to throw it away."

I sat down to thinkidy think on it.

Sit down?

There's my idea!

I made the champagne cork cage into a little bistro chair.

How to Make a Chair Out of a Champagne Cork

You will need:

1 Sparkling wine, champagne or ale cork cage

Needle nose pliers


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Make it:

1. Use the needle nose pliers to untwist the wire on the bottom of the cork cage and slide the wire through what will be the 'legs' of the chair to remove it.

2. Fold the wire in half to make a V.

3. Using the screwdriver as a mandrel, twist the wire into a loop.

4. Using the screwdriver as a mandrel, fold the wire to the left side and right side to make the back of the chair.

5. Pinch each side of the loop to make a heart shape.

6. Use the pliers to twist and attach the wire on each side of the chair back to the base of the chair.

7. Have a seat!

If you like to decorate with wine cork projects, check out the options below!

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