Condo Blues: Have You Tried Slow Cooking without Electricity?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Have You Tried Slow Cooking without Electricity?

For the most part my emergency storm blackout supplies include a bottle of red wine,a manual corkscrew, (you will understand why if you read what happened during our last multiday blackout) and a whole bunch of candles.

We got a grill shortly after that so at least we could cook something that is melting in the freezer and avoid standing in very long lines at area restaurants with all of our neighbors who can’t cook in their all-electric kitchens either.

While I appreciate being able to cook on a grill on my patio during a summer blackout, standing knee-deep in snow is something I’d like to avoid during a winter blackout if I can. And I will with my new eco non-electric slow cooker the Wonderbag.

How can this big pillow cook food without fire or electricity?

The Wonderbag is a heat retention slow cooker that reduces your carbon footprint while doing social good. Did you know that women living in poverty and third world countries typically spend 4-6 hours per day preparing meals often at great personal risk?

That is why for every Wonderbag purchased they donate a second Wonderbag to a needy family in Africa where many people cook over open fires and unregulated cooktops.  I embedded a video below that explains it much better than I can.

Now the big question: does the Wonderbag really work?

Scoot on over to Lazy Budget Chef to get my Lemon Garlic Chicken recipe and find how slowing cooking it in the Wonderbag came out.


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