Condo Blues: Topsy Turvey Bookcases

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Topsy Turvey Bookcases

I was beyond happy when we bought our house and replaced our mish mosh of overflowing bookshelves with one wall of matching bookshelves in our computer room.  Seeing all of our books in one place made me giddy.

Then we bought more books.

And a few more.

And a few more.

We could use more shelves.

I started poking around for arty book shelves because it is way more fun than sorting through and donating our old and outdated books. Yes, yes. I’ll get to it. It is on the punch list for our computer room revamp project.

In the meantime, let’s have some fun and check out some crazy fun bookshelves. For what they don’t hold in the amount of stuff, they make up for in the amount of whimsy they add to a room.

I can’t help but look at the Woodcurve Curved Bookshelf  and smile. This piece was inspired by the Dr. Seuss books as are several of the pieces in Woodcurve’s Etsy shop.

Warning: Curves Ahead!

Speaking of cartoons, I bet Beetlejuice puts the books in his house on a  Jordi Mila Wisdom Tree. If Beetlejuice even has books. Maybe he shelves his crawly bugs here instead.


Many people use the Tree Bookcase in children’s rooms. I think a ‘forest’ of multiple Tree Bookcases on a wall in a family, game, or play room would be a great way to add functional fun to the room.


I give a big hat tip to this DIYer for building her own Dr. Seuss Bookshelf for her nephew’s nursery after seeing a similar bookcase in a store. What a lucky baby!


Designer Isabel Quiroga created this bookshelf from old end tables. The original Website featuring Isabel Quiroga is in Dutchbut it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how to do something like it yourself.

The Mad Hatter’s bookcase? Actually it is another creation from WoodCurve. How cute would their   Handmade Stacked Teacups bookcase look in a coffee shop or kitchen?


The Oblique Tower comes in different colors but I like the yellow. It reminds me of honeycomb.


Do you have a favorite?

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