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Thursday, October 10, 2013

One Eco Dress, Three Looks, and a $75 Giveaway!

Happy news! I met my weight loss goal! I am now back into what is considered thedressyOasisdress healthy range of my Body Mass Index (BMI.) I realize BMI measurements and numbers aren’t a perfect indication of health because there are other factors in play such as muscle mass that can skew BMI numbers to the overweight range of a perfectly healthy and fit person.

I’m using BMI as a healthier target range for my height instead of  picking an arbitrary weight or saying that I want be a size 2 like I was in high school. Not realistic and probably unhealthy skinny for my only slightly older than high school body. (I may not lie about my weight but age is fair game!)

Eating a whole foods, no trans fat, no hydrogenated oil, no processed food from a box diet to lose the weight wasn’t difficult. In fact, I’m following the same no bad stuff diet that made me gain the extra 25 pounds I had to lose. I’m proof that if you eat too much of anything, even very good for you things, and get little to no exercise you will gain weight.

Thanks to my trainer and high energy exercise buddy Lacey, I lost the last of those 25 extra pounds. I feel better (especially now that my waist is no longer larger than Husband’s.) I also have a new problem. My clothes don’t fit! I need new duds.

Before I accepted the offer from the lovely people at Soybu  to try their Oasis Dress, I had to do a little research on what type of fabric they make their clothes from being the eco blogger that I am.

I learned Soybu uses soy, bamboo, and recycled poly (made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles) as much as possible to create the fabric for all of their clothes. The amount of energy it takes to turn the recycled bottles into polyester is significantly less than the energy needed in the process used to turn oil into polyester. Most of Soybu’s fabrics are a blend to maintain the garment’s performance and durability so it won’t wear out as fast and end up in landfills from frequently. 

I noticed right away this is true after wearing the Oasis dress for the first time. I expected the fabric to be on the thin side like most of my other eco fabric clothes since the dress is made with 44% recycled content. Not so! The Stretch RE-FlEX fabric is a heavier weight fabric than I expected and will take me from fall to winter. I appreciate this because I have to share a closet with Husband.

Since I don’t plan on hitting the gym while wearing this dress, I don’t necessarily need the Stretch RE-FlEX moisture wicking features but I’m sure I would appreciate it in Soybu’s workout clothes made with the same fabric because I need to replace those too.

The Oasis Dress is as comfortable as it is versatile! I got three very different looks from the same dress by switching out my accessories. This, the wrinkle resistant, and quick drying fabric make the Oasis dress a great travel companion. I accidently tested the quick drying fabric part after spilling coffee on my self in a restaurant and spot cleaning the dress in the ladies room.

wearoasisdress3ways 3 looks, one dress, lots of cute shoes

You can buy one of your very own from Soybu, The Sports Authority stores, Academy Sports,, and at Soybu also has a new line of sporty casual wear for girls ages 7-14, named Gracie for sale in REI stores, Von Maur, and The Sports Authority.

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Disclosure: Soybu provided a free product sample to facilitate this review. This did not influence my opinion because all of my opinions are 100% my own.

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