Condo Blues: 21 Ways to Decorate Real Halloween Pumpkins

Sunday, October 20, 2013

21 Ways to Decorate Real Halloween Pumpkins

Husband suggested I bump up my Halloween décor for Lacey since it is her first Halloween with us.

ALL of these are for me to eat?!

That’s right. He said for Lacey.

It’s not like the guy likes Halloween or pumpkins or manipulating me into doing something he wants for Lacey (and I certainly do not do this on him because it works 100% of the time on both of us.)

I usually keep the pumpkins plain because I bake, puree, and freeze our pumpkins after Halloween. Cute but not as festive.

21 Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins


100 Directions  pumpkin luminary makes me understand why Husband wants to decorate pumpkins this year. I never knew wax paper could look so high end!


The V Spot went to town decorating nontraditional Halloween pumpkins. My favorite is the punk rock safety pin pumpkin, of course Hot smile

pumpkin round-up

How clever is Better Homes and Gardens for using the stem of the pumpkin and gourds to make a silly googly eyed monster face?


And speaking of eyes, you could just make your pumpkin into one big eyeball like Club Chica Circle.


I don’t paint as well as I like freehand (unless it is a wall) so I came up with a way to make Halloween pumpkin stencils you can paint.

Husband like to use stencils and pumpkin carving kit to carve crazy Jack o’ Lanterns.
Don’t carve them too early Husband’s pumpkin almost self composted before Halloween.

Club Chica Circle’s Fall Leaf Decoupaged Pumpkin is a way to bring the outside in.


The thing I like about decorating with pumpkins is you can keep them out after the holiday like The V Spot’s  Halloween pumpkins she transforms into Thanksgiving décor.

elegant thanksgiving pumpkins

How do you decorate your pumpkins?

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