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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Washi Tape Phone Charger

Sometimes Husband and I are so alike it is scary. I can't tell you how many times we have gone out to eat and accidentally ordered the same meal. We have similar tastes in technology too.

It didn't surprise me when Husband upgraded his phone for work with a Samsung Galaxy S4 like mine. It's a sweet phone! (That's not an ad or anything. I just like Android phones.)

                     People comment on my TARDIS phone cover all the time.  I'm glad I engraved my name on it or it might have disappeared by now. 

I promptly gave Husband a Don't Panic phone cover so we can tell whose phone is whose. He has the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and I have the TARDIS. We are set when it comes to interstellar travel!

Unfortunately, we're back to the is this one yours or mine? game when it comes to our phone chargers.  I was tempted to end the game by buying a cute printed phone charger but I've heard some non Samsung chargers aren't powerful enough for Galaxy phones. In fact, I ran into that situation when I tried to use a free off brand car charger to charge my phone. It wasn't powerful enough to work. Once I switched to a Samsung charger, my phone charged without a problem. Lesson learned. Use the branded charger that coordinates with your phone.

What do to? I made a cute Andriod phone charger instead of risking it on an off brand.

I covered my smart phone charger in washi tape to coordinate with my phone case. The project took all of 10 minutes. It should have taken less time than that but I had to search for where I put my washi tape stash in my craft room.

The phone plug is not quite TARDIS blue but that's OK. It is cute. It is free.  And it took only a few seconds to ensure it stays mine.

How did we ever tell our phone chargers apart before washi tape?

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