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Monday, December 1, 2014

Easy Outdoor Christmas Swag Decor

I want to add vertical live evergreen swags to my outdoor Christmas decorations. I couldn’t find them for sale this early in the season. My source for free evergreen branches (Christmas tree lots) didn’t have any to give either.

I thought I might have to wait until next year to do the project until I found my inspiration. A red and silver jingle bell door knob decoration! I’ll take four please. One to swag and hang on each of my four porch posts. 

how to make an outdoor jinglebell evergreen Christmas
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This tutorial is so ridiculously easy. Lacey could do it if she had thumbs.

How to Make a Vertical Jingle Bell Christmas Swag

You will need:

Plain teardrop pine evergreen swag 
– I am using artificial teardrop swags becasue I am allergic to pine trees. At least they are reusable for many years to come! 

Florist wire


Bell door knob decoration – premade or DIY

Hanging ribbon

Ribbon bow

A canine supervisor

Lacey Christmas Swag Decor 1
Merry Christmas everyone!

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Make it:

1. Bend the tail of the evergreen swag into an oblong loop and wrap a length of florist wire around the base of the loop to hold it in place. If your evergreen swag already has a hanging loop you can skip this step.

make Christmas outdoor swag hanging loop

2. Tie the bell door knob decoration to base of the loop at the top of the evergreen branch. I am using a strip of leftover fabric from my Ho, Ho, Ho House flag (learn how to make it here) to attach my swags to the Command Hooks I already have on the backside of my porch columns. 

If you want something more subtle than that or are using another hanging method you can use a second length of florist wire to attach the door knob decoration to the evergreen swag.

easy evergreen Christmas swag
Don’t worry about it looking messy. We will hide the tie on in Step 4.

3. Make, buy, or tie a pretty ribbon bow.  If you don’t know how to make a fluffy bow, don’t worry. I will teach you how in a later post.

It’s so fluuuffy! (Can you identify that movie quote?)

4. Attach the bow to the top of the swag with a length of florist wire to hide Step 2.

5. Hang it up, decorate, and celebrate!

how to make an outdoor jinglebell evergreen Christmas swag

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