Condo Blues: What Are Your Favorite Sore Throat and Ear Ache Home Remedies?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

What Are Your Favorite Sore Throat and Ear Ache Home Remedies?

Hi gang. I'm under the weather and singing the blues. I need a little help from you.

I have another ear infection. Well, actually, it is the same ear infection I had two weeks ago. I thought it went away but it got worse instead of better.

I shouldn't be surprised. I spent last Saturday practicing and performing with my high school alumni marching band in a bone chilling cold and drizzling rain. Sunday afternoon I felt a familiar pop! pop! pop! in my ear and couldn't balance during yoga for neither love nor money.

I'm spending quality time with hot tea with lemon and honey in ol' Snoop dog more often than I'd like. It helps some but most of the time my throat feels like I swallowed a fistful of straight pins. Ouch.

A behind the scenes peek of my view in the Condo Blues World Headwaters and Thunderdome (aka my desk.)

Not that I've ever swallowed a straight or recommend anyone doing so but it's the only way I can describe how my throat feels like a stabby itchy sore throat rather than just itchy sore throat. Makes sense? No? Well I'm blaming the new meds making me make less sense than usual.

What are your favorite, can't miss, always make you feel better home remedies for a sore throat and ear aches?

Nurse Lacey says pets and snuggles makes everything better. She's not wrong. Lacey cuddles make my heart and soul feel better but I could use a little extra relief with the ear aches.

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How do you stop an ear ache?

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