Condo Blues: 20 Rainy Day Weekend Projects

Friday, March 11, 2016

20 Rainy Day Weekend Projects

Around here weekends are for building, home improvement, and a big bunch of  DIY projects because I have two uninterrupted days of outdoor work time.

Unless it rains.

  Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

When it rains I end up poking around the house for quick little fixes and DIY projects: making or replacing window treatments, adding storage, or doing something that makes my home a little nicer to live in. And if I can do it inexpensively while I'm waiting for the rain to go away and come back another day, even better.

I added a few quick home improvement projects to my rainy day reserve punch from this clever post from Better Homes and Gardens. They have 20 projects to get your creative juices flowing and all of them are under $20 and can be done in a weekend!

Scoot on over to Better Homes and Gardens and check the full list of

20 Weekend Projects Under $20

Your house will be glad you did!

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