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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How to Make Vintage Wall Map Decor

I like big maps and I cannot lie.

I cannot tell you how many times the room I fall for in a decor magazine or on a blog features a big vintage map hanging  on the wall. Swoooooooon!

In my made up fantasy world I would find the perfect old school wall map at a thrift shop for 10 bucks, merrily dance with it all the way home, and after a rousing game of Not It Won't Fit Yes It Will with Husband, hang it on a well deserving wall in our house. Where it fits perfectly, of course.

Photo courtesy of Blesser House

Unfortunately reality does not always fall in line with daydreams (bummer, I know.) If you are lucky enough to find an used wall map for sale they cost crazy money. Because they are so popular in the home decor world, outdated maps cost more money than current wall maps! That can make them a little out of reach as an on a whim wall decoration. Sad trombone.

Or not.

Bless'er House solved her big map decor desire vs not having a vintage map decor budget issue with a very simple and cheap DIY vintage pull down map. Seriously, look at her map! Can you tell she made it? Nope. It looks like she snagged it from a thrift shop.

Learn how you make your own version armed with nothing more than a glue gun by scooting on over to her tutorial:

DIY Vintage Pull-Down Map

If you aren't into decorating with maps, you can use her tutorial to make decorative periodic charts, botanical prints, medical charts...the possibilities are endless!

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