Condo Blues: How to Make a Quick and Easy Wine Cork and Mason Jar Centerpiece

Sunday, September 18, 2016

How to Make a Quick and Easy Wine Cork and Mason Jar Centerpiece

After I decorated my outdoor patio for Fall, I took a step back and realized something was missing from my DIY chalkboard patio table and DIY bottle cap mosaic chairs.

I need an Autumn table centerpiece!

My Fall centerpiece idea was heavily influenced by the growing number of empty mason jars drying in the dish rack (not to mention Husband’s do something with these will ya? look when he empties the dishwasher) and the wine corks in our kitchen wine cork basket waiting for a craft project (and more Husband’s do something with these will ya? look when he sees them taking up counter space.)

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This is such a quick and easy wine cork and mason jar craft it took practically no time at all to make!

You will need:

Wine corks – if you don’t drink wine, you can buy wine corks from Amazon here

Clear Glass Oyster Tea Light Holders

Tea light candles
Quart Mason Jars

Pint Mason Jars

Jelly Mason Jars




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Make it:

1. Fill the mason jars with wine corks. I am using Quart, Pint, and Jelly Mason jars for this tutorial and project because I like to decorate with centerpiece elements that have visual low, medium, and highs.

If you like symmetry, feel free to use a line or cluster of the same kind of jar. Be daring! Be bold! Design is less about rules and more about what you like!

2. Place a glass Oyster Tea light holder in the mouth of each Mason Jar. Do not skip this step! Wine corks are flammable (you can use wine corks to make fire starters you know.)

The glass tea light holder keeps the corks, your centerpiece and quite possibly your guests from going up in flames during dinner.

3. Put one tea light candle in each glass tea light holder.

4. Wrap a few lengths of raffia and twine around the neck of each Mason jar and tie in place with a square knot.

5. Trim the ends of the raffia to your desired length.

6. Set the table and light your fire! (Carefully.)

And remember to never leave a burning candle unattended!

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Anonymous said...

A very clever idea - and so simple. Yet, I never would have thought of it. I definitely am going to do this for my home. And, am thinking of this as part of the decoration theme for the next fundraiser for my horse rescue. Thank you so much!

Kasia said...

This is so simple and looks great! What an amazing idea. Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

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