Condo Blues: How to Make Reusable Zero Waste Makeup Remover Pads

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

How to Make Reusable Zero Waste Makeup Remover Pads

I have a very bad habit of by passing the wash cloth by the bathroom sink at night and not washing the makeup off my face before I go to bed.

Why? Laziness I guess.

The only time I remember to do it at night is when I have leftover disposable face wipes I use when I travel for the convenience.  I try to limit the amount of one time use disposables I use on a regular basis and let’s face it, wash cloths are reusable and paper face wipes are not.


How to Sew Super Soft Flannel Cloth Makeup Remover Pads

The incentive to consistently wash my face with a reusable face wash rounds came by the way of finding out that washing my face with pine tar soap and kukui oil controls my rosacea and minimize breakouts and flares.

Naturally I have to make my rosacea face wash by mixing a few drops of liquid pine tar soap, a few drops of kukui oil, and water together in a jar because such a product doesn’t exist. Adding cloth makeup remover pads to the jar will turn my cleanser into zero waste “medicated” face wipes.

Disclaimer: I depend upon the products I linked to in this post and believe in them so strongly I cannot recommend them enough and gladly use my affiliate links to do it! (Also, I’m trying to hand out skin care medical advice. This cleanser combo works for me and my skin and I like that it is made from natural and non toxic ingredients but I also checked in with my doctor first.)

You will need:

Flannel fabric - You can buy bundles of flannel fat quarter fabric here

Sizzix Big Shot

Spellbinders Nestabilites Standard Circle Dies

Sewing machine

Fabric Scissors - I can't live with these heavy duty fabric scissors! Love! Love! Love!

Straight pins

Coordinating thread

Optional but highly recommended: Sidecutter sewing machine foot turns your regular sewing machine into a serger! I have this foot on my Christmas list.

Make it:

1. Use the Sizzix Big Shot and Spellbinders Nestabilites Standard Circle Dies to cut 2 circles of flannel fabric for each makeup remover round you want to make.  I chose a circle because I will store my makeup remover rounds in a repurposed glass jar but you can make your DIY makeup pads in any shape you like.

how to cut fabric with sizzix big shotIf you like your makeup pads cushy you can cut and use more than two layers of fabric although it may be more difficult to sew if you make the pad super thick.

2.   Line up and stack two of the flannel fabric circles on top of each and pin them into place making sure the right sides (the soft pretty side) is facing out on both side of the pad to be. 

3. Use the sewing machine and coordinating thread to sew the circles together. I am using the overcast (also called the overlock, or serger) stitch on my sewing machine to keep the fabric edges from fraying. You can also use a zig zag stitch.

quick easy zero waste diy resuable flannel makeup remover rounds
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In a perfect world I would use my serger on this project but it only sews at Turbo Speed which makes overlocking circle and curves  next to impossible.

5. Follow Steps 1 – 4 until you make as reusable make up remover wipes as you need.

6. Grab a wipe and clean up!

How to Sew Super Soft Flannel Cloth Makeup Remover Pads

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I collect the dirty reusable face wipes in a lingerie mesh wash bag like this one throughout the week and pop it in the washing machine the next time I do laundry.

If you'd rather buy than DIY reusable make up remove pads, consider the options below!
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Arawynn Eveningstar said...

Just came across this post and I was intrigued by your DIY Rosacea cleanser. I was diagnosed with it last fall and I reacted to the cream my doctor prescribed to me so I have been looking for ways to cleanse my face that won't irritate my skin. Do you have a tutorial on how to make your cleanser? Would love to know amounts to try it myself. Also how do you find the flannel on your skin? Do you find it rough?

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

The flannel is soft on my skin. I used this tutorial to make makeup remover rounds from terrycloth that I like a little better but still use both. Here is the tutorial to the rosacea cleanser that works for me

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