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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Quick and Easy DIY Non Toxic Carpet Deodorizer

Lacey had a bit of a hair ball problem and spent the day christening every. room. in. Who knew dogs can projectile vomit?

I do.

My poor girl.

homemade non toxic baking soda carpet refresher
I don't feel so good.

I thoroughly cleaned the incidents with my Bissell SpotClean (I really love this thing and don’t knew where I’d be without it! I can’t recommend it enough and believe in it so strongly I’m willing to use my affiliate links to do it!) 

My priority was making sure Lacey didn’t dehydrate or get worse than pulling out the big Bissell Powerlifter Carpet Cleaner to deep clean the growing number of disaster recovery zones.
Once Lacey kept food down toward the end of the evening, my plan was to thoroughly shampoo all of the carpeting in the house with the Powerlifter to following day.

In the meantime, the former bio hazards on the carpeting were clean but the house still smelled like puke.

How to  Make All Natural Carpet Refresher

Fortunately, I made a quick, easy, and non toxic carpet deodorizer and used it to get rid of the smelly carpet stink. It took all of two seconds and one ingredient to make – baking soda!

Sprinkle plain baking soda on the carpeting and allow it sit for at least 30 minutes to several hours if you can.

I prefer the coat the master bedroom floor in baking soda in the morning, shut the door, and forget about it until remember you didn’t sweep the room until bedtime method. Forgetful? Yes. But I honestly had other things to worry about at the time. Lacey had a dangerous health scare a few years ago that started out just like what she was experiencing. I was keeping a close eye on her and hoping we didn’t need to take a trip to the veterinary Emergency Room again.

DIY non toxic baking soda carpet deodorizer
Filling a cheese shaker like this one will make covering a large carpet with baking soda deodorizer much easier! 
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After 30 minutes to 2 hours (or so) vacuum the baking soda and the smell from the carpet with a vacuum sweeper. Ta da! The smell is GONE!. You now have clean and deodorized carpeting!
In this case I didn’t add a few drops of essential to the backing soda before sprinkling it on the carpeting for a scent boost because dogs can be sensitive to  certain essential oils and I didn’t want to potentially add to Lacey’s problems.

Not to mention, I didn’t want a  potential carpet cleaner, barf, essential oil smell sandwich on my hands if I needed to do more DIY baking soda carpet refresher treatments on future unwanted events.

Fortunately, Lacey started perking up by the end of the evening and kept a little bit of food down. By the following day she was her usual happy self begging to model when I pulled out my camera to take photos of my DIY Personalized Popsocket post (you can read it here on Condo Blues!)

how to get the smell out of carpet with baking soda
If I let Lisa take my picture she pays me in homemade dog treats! Now you know why I walk into all of her blog photos. I’m so clever!  Hee, hee!

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