Condo Blues: Allergy Free Trick or Treat Idea: DIY Ghost Bubbles

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Allergy Free Trick or Treat Idea: DIY Ghost Bubbles

Since I have a food intolerance that is so severe I have to pretty much treat it like an allergy, I know first hand how much it stinks to get a bag full of Trick or Treat candy on Halloween that I’m grateful but can’t eat most of it.

Total bummer.

That’s why I display a teal pumpkin to let my Trick or Treaters know that I have food allergy safe treats to hand on out Halloween. We let the kids decide if they want a Treat or Prize.  My husband mans the Treat bowl full of candy. I man the Prize bowl with non food treats. 

This year’s food allergy safe Trick or Treat Prize is ghost bubbles. Let’s make some!

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You will need:

White wedding bubbles

Wiggle googly eyes

Round paper punch

Black craft paper

Hot glue and glue gun – I recently upgraded to this hot glue gun with a built in stand that actually works and it has changed my life!

Hot Glue Gun Helpers – I like mine so much I gave them as stocking stuffers to every crafter on my Christmas list!

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Step by Step How to Make It:

1. Use the paper punch to punch a circle from the black craft paper for the ghost’s mouth.

2. Wearing the Hot Glue Gun Helpers, use the hot glue gun to hot glue 2 wiggly eyes and the round circle mouth to the front of the wedding bubble container. Be careful not to melt the plastic with the hot glue!


3. Make a bunch and hand them out as favors for your Halloween party!

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