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Monday, October 22, 2018

How to Make an Easy Hot Glue Embossed Wood Sign

Call me Danger Girl. I have to admit hot glue is one my favorite adhesives even though it has the potential to sear off my fingerprints. I use hot glue to glue stuff together all of the time but using hot glue to make the craft itself? Not so much. 

Which is why I was very interested when a review copy of the book  Hot Glue Hacks and Crafts 50 Fun and Creative D├ęcor, Fashion, Gift and Holiday Project to Make with Your Glue Gun by Angie Holden and Carolina Moore was delivered to my doorstep. I was happy to learn the book does not feature your typical crafts put together with hot glue. Instead Hot Glue Hacks and Crafts teaches you how to make the craft elements almost entirely out of hot glue – including a pair of flip flop shoes!

(I reviewed a copy of the book for review but that has no bearing on giving you my honest review of it. I am including affiliate links for the items I used to make this project in this post for your convenience.)

One of the things I like about craft books like Hot Glue Hacks and Crafts is how it can inspire you to use several techniques from different tutorials in the book to make a totally different hot glue gun craft on your own. In this case, I drew inspiration from the Hot Glue Embossed Vase and Hot Glue Party Cake Topper projects to make an embossed hot glue Love wood wall sign.

DIY hot glue embossed Love sign
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DIY Hot Glue Wall Art Tutorial

You will need:

Wood signyou can buy a variety of blank wood signs for crafts here

Sanding block

Hot glue – It doesn’t matter what color hot glue you use since we are painting over it. I’m trying to use up red glitter hot glue sticks leftover from another project

Hot glue gun – I recently upgrade to the Adtech Precision Hot Glue Gun (learn more about it here) . The precision tip makes all of the difference when doing projects like this one!

Silicone baking mat – It is bigger and cheaper than buying a silicone hot glue craft mat

Pink craft paint This is the exact color of craft paint I used


Saw tooth hangers


Step by Step How to Make it:

1. Sand the front side of the sign and edges smooth with the sanding block as needed.

2. Write the word “love” (or the word of your choosing) on the sign lightly in pencil. If you are super confident in your hot glue writing skills you can skip this step. I like a pattern to follow so I can tweak my writing before plugging in my glue gun – as you can see from my eraser marks!

easy Valentines Day embossed sign craft
I wrote Love but you can chose any word you like!

3. Trace your pencil pattern on the wood surface with the red glitter hot glue in the glue gun and allow the hot glue to fully harden. It should only take a few minutes.

quick and easy DIY Valentines Day decoration

I wrote the word Love but you can use any word or phrase you like!

4. Add a saw tooth hanger to the back of your wood sign if desired and display proudly!

easy DIY hot glue crafts
Everybody say LOVE!

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