Condo Blues: How to Fix a Ripped Screen in a Door or Window the Quick and Easy Way

Sunday, June 23, 2019

How to Fix a Ripped Screen in a Door or Window the Quick and Easy Way

Lacey is a good watch dog.

She watches out the patio door as cars go down the street.

She watches out the patio door as kids play in their yard across the street.

She watches out the patio door as the next door neighbor’s cat struts outside.

And she barks at them.

A lot.

While trying to tear through the screen door.

how to fix a screen
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Not only do I have a big ol’ rip in the screen in my sliding patio door but also the upstairs window screen where Lacey’s good for digging dog nails have ripped it too.

Lacey the watch dog and door screen destroyer
Someone has to defend our borders from birds, squirrels, and running children and that person is ME!

I replaced the ripped metal screens with a more sturdy dog resistant mesh to protect the screen door. It is a quick and easy repair. Best of all if you can replace a mesh screen on a sliding patio screen door , you already have all of the skills and technique necessary to replace the mesh screen on a window!

 How to Repair a Ripped Sliding Door Screen

You will need the following supplies

1 roll of replacement window and door screen – I used this replacement pet resistant mesh screen here

Spline – it looks like this

Screen rolling tool there are many styles. I am using this exact screen rolling tool 

Gorilla Tape


Sharp utility knife

Step by Step how to do it tutorial

If you can remove the window or sliding screen door you want to to do so. I wasn’t sure how to put my sliding screen screen back on once I took it off the track so I left it attached to the door. I locked the door from inside the house otherwise the door will slide when I'm pulling the screen taught to fit the door frame.

1. Remove the ripped screen and spline.
Tip: Lock the screen door or it may open when you pull on the screen to remove it! Guess how I know?

2. Cut a few pieces of Gorilla Tape with the scissors and use it to temporarily tape the new screen to the top of the door (unless you have octopus arms and can hold the screen in place and install it at the same time.)

How to replace a screen door by yourself

3. Lay the window spline onto the mesh and use the screen rolling to push the spline into the window channel to hold the window mesh screen in place.

How to repair a ripped screen door

I found it best to make one pass with the screen rolling tool to push the spline into the channel and hold the screen in place and then go over the spline as many times as needed to push it tightly and fully into the channel.

how to replace a ripped screen door

4. Repeat Step 3 on the other three sides of the patio door or window.

5. Use the utility knife to trim the excess screen from the door or window.

quick and easy fix a screen door
Dog resistant door screen? Challenge accepted.

If you are looking for more replacement screen ideas check out the following options - and more! below!

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Joanne said...

That looks great! We have a few windows and doors that need replacement screens..and we don't have dogs. (I think a lot of it was the boys when they were younger).

Teresa B said...

Thank you for sharing these tips at The Really Crafty Link Party this week!

Dee | said...

Good to know, thanks! Pinned ♥

Zoale said...

Thank you for sharing with us at Fiesta Friday!

Irene said...

Exactly the same situation with our "guardian" dog; thank you for the tutorial!

Frugal Hausfrau said...

Always helpful but especially with all the hot/wet/humid weather we've been having a bumper crop of bugs!!

Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday this week.


Doindishes said...

Just found this. Thank you. I struggled with my patio screen door and no matter what I did, was unable to get it off the track. Now I know how to replace the screen without the hassle.

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