Condo Blues: Industrial Beach Bathroom Remodel and Design Mood Board

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Industrial Beach Bathroom Remodel and Design Mood Board

After hemming and hawing for too many years after a plumbing accident, I’m finally replacing the flooring and remodeling my guest bathroom. Part of the reason I was stuck in the bathroom makeover department is that I still like most of the things I did to that bathroom when I painted and decorated it the first time, like the wall color.

Well that and knowing that while I love searching every tile shop in the city for my heart’s desire, my husband would rather I cut off his arm with a rusty table saw than shop even though this is his house too and he wants and absolutely should have a say in the decision.  Interestingly enough, when it came to selecting floor tile, we bought the exact opposite of the black and white mosaic tiles I thought we might choose and went with his suggestion of slate tile because he wanted something more interesting. Which made me love him even more because I’ve always wanted a slat floor somewhere in this house. Besides we have another bathroom we need to do. So chances are, I’ll get my choice in that room. That way we both win!

My new bathroom floor tile!

We were in agreement with a lot of the design and décor desires of this second bathroom. First off, it’s not the Master, so we can go with something a little more fun and different in this room. As much as I make fun of almost every residential bathroom in my lakeside home town being nautical, I lean toward ocean beachy influenced by one of our first vacations to the Dominican Republic.

After the flooring was decided, I turned to the vanity and other bathroom accessories and décor. I was concerned the ideas in my head might being going with too much white on white. I was also concerned that the things I want to keep may look out of place with the things I want to change in the remodel and vice versa. I figured the best way to see if I am going in the right décor direction is to create a bathroom remodeling mood board.

Let’s take a look!

The overall look and feel is a room that reminds me of my favorite tropical beach with its clear turquoise water that matches the color of the sky. A place where my worries floated away on the fluffy white clouds in the sky. I’d like to keep the paint color with its perfect name Ocean Sigh (learn more about it here) although we might go lighter or change it completely when I install the slate floor. I love flamingos and they live in the topics so there will be pink flamingo bathroom décor somewhere somehow in this room.

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I have some ideas to decorate with bottle cap art because it reminds of summer when I was allowed to drink pop from time to time as a treat as a kid. Don’t feel sorry for me. I didn’t drink a lot of pop growing up but was alllll about Kool Aid. To this day will pretty much never turn down lemonade – ever.

So that’s the feel. Let’s explore the design ideas I have to achieve this look.  (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links that will allow you to shop this look!)

Faucet – I feel head over heels in love with this luxury Brizo Virage bathroom faucet the first time I laid eyes on her on a tour of Delta Faucet Company Headquarters. I wrestled with splurging on it  but considering I have a second bathroom remodel in my near future, I found a very close second in the Delta Everly bathroom faucet (you can only buy it here)  for $500 less than the delicious Brizo faucet. Done!

Toilet – I’ve replaced everything in the current toilet at least once until it decided it didn’t want to work anymore. Probably because it knew I planned on replacing it. I’m considering this Turner Watersense rated toilet here. What do you think?

Showerhead - I upgraded the builder grade showerhead to this water efficient 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower Head which is great for giving the dog a bath. It stays.
 Using Dock Cleats like these for towel hooks reminds me of boating on the ocean.

Originally I wanted to replace the currant vanity with an upcycled dresser or something until I found bathroom vanity organizers (there are similar examples of what I used here) that worked so well I want to keep the vanity even though I don’t like how it looks. I’m toying with making it over with paint and new door taking my cue from this white shaker style bathroom vanity base cabinet if I can remove the currant vanity in one piece. Unfortunately that was not the case when I remodeled my powder room. So we’ll see.

What do you think?

If you are looking for more clever bathroom décor, organizing, or remodeling ideas, check out the following options – an more! – below!

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