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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

DIY Poo Pourri Air Freshener Spray

I’m sure you are aware of those times when the air in a bathroom needs a little immediate help to clear the room of…uh…um…odor.

Even though I wasn’t thrilled with the synthetic ingredients (although now Scent Fill  makes natural essential oil refills for Glade and other brand plug ins, ) I had scented oil plug thingies in each bathroom for that purpose. Once they became available, I upgraded to pluggable wax melt warmers similar to these and use a locally made vegetable wax and essential oil wax melts for my bathrooms. They work just as well, and I like that I easily scrap the last bit of wax from a dead candle into the smaller wax warmers to keep enjoying the scent. I am the only one who buys a candle and can never seem to find the same scent when I need to replace it? (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.)

Unfortunately, there are still times when your bathroom needs a little more immediate or preventative air quality attention.  Does a room freshener exist without the synthetic ingredients? 

Yep, it sure does and it is the perfect thing for zero waste, natural living, and budget minded folks.

Or you just want something prettier than a can in your bathroom, that’s cool too. *raises hand* 

how to make zero waste non toxic air freshener bathroom spray
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DIY Natural  Air Freshener

The only difference between an air freshener spray and Poo Pourri is when and where you spray it and a nine dollar price difference.

Which is just another incentive to make your own for a few pennies a bottle!

Since I’m remodeling our guest bathroom, I decided to upgrade the plastic spray bottle I use to a much prettier to display and plastic free plant mister. You can buy the exact glass and metal plant mister I used here.  I was a little concerned that the plant mister is smaller than the spray bottle it replaced until I realized I can now store it in a new niche when lessens its chance of being accidentally knocked off the counter or from the back of the toilet because somehow I’ve turned into a cat, apparently.

how to make plastic free non toxic air freshener bathroom spray

You will need:
Spray bottle – If you want a more durable spray bottle than glass, you can find a variety of metal and plastic spray bottles on Amazon or if you have a plastic spray bottle with a wonky pump trigger (they do were out over time) you can buy replacement spray bottle triggers here. 

Your favorite essential oil -This isn't a post trying to sell you a brand of essential oil, you can use whatever you like. Personally, I buy my essential oils from Amazon here because it is quick, easy, and I don't run the risk of a overzealous salesperson pestering me to buy more when I already have enough. You can also remove the cotton wick from a scented oil plug in refill and use that fragrance oil if you like.  No judgment either way here.

Make it:

1. Pour water into the spray bottle.

2. Add a few drops of essential oil.

3. Pop on the top.
To use as DIY Poo Pourri: Spray it in the toilet bowl water before your go.
To use as DIY Air Freshener: Spray it in the air after you have gone.

    If you'd rather buy than DIY, check out the following options - and more! - below!

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