Condo Blues: How to Make a Quick and Easy Quilted Petticoat or Skirt

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How to Make a Quick and Easy Quilted Petticoat or Skirt

I figure the best way to fill my unexpected time off is to work on some of the sewing projects I never got around to doing because a paying gig came along and knocked it further down my priority list.

The first Quarantine Costuming project I made is a quilted petticoat to wear under my historical skirts in cold weather, just like the ladies of yore used to do – as the temperature when down the number of layers (in this case skirts)  goes up.

how to sew a quilted skirt
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A traditional quilted petticoat would be made out of cotton fabrics and hand quilted similar to a blanket quilt.  If you look at quilted petticoats in museums some of the quilting makes elaborate designs on the solid fabric which are gorgeous but incredibly time consuming! I didn’t want to put that much work quilting something no one is going to see but me when I wear it.

Fortunately, I lucked into a fabric sale that had several yards of quilted fabric on sale for $1.99 – for the rest of the bolt! The sueded quilted fabric isn’t the period 100% cotton quilted fabric I originally wanted to use here and there isn’t enough fabric to make the petticoat reach my ankles like it should – but did I mention I bought the rest of the bolt of fabric for a grand total of $1.99?! I’ll make do.

Since the most difficult part of making a quilted skirt – the quilting – was already done for me, all I really had to do was sew a lined skirt.  I treated myself to a new skirt sewing pattern Simplicity pattern 8211 (you can check it out here) because it comes in the three lengths for making non costume summer skirts and it has something that every clothing designer refuses to put into women's clothing -  pockets!

I let the amount of remnant fabric I bought determine the skirt length which hits me at calf length (which is fine because I’m usually wearing knee length boots when it is cold.) I lined the skirt with this black cotton lining fabric. I considered putting in pockets and zipper so I could wear it as a quilted skirt in my real non performer life but decided against it once the pile of Quarantine Projects started to grow larger than I expected.

how to make a quilted petticoat skirt

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Love your quilted skirt.Are you planning to sell any quilted skirts?

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