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Friday, March 11, 2022

Help Me Pick a Bathroom Vanity Light!

I planned to repair and reuse our bathroom vanity lights that had a wonky socket that wouldn’t stay lit for our master bathroom renovation. After shutting off the electric to the room (very important!) removing, and tinkering the light, it was a no go. I can’t fix it which means I need to replace both bathroom vanity lights.

And for added unexpected fun, I found what I’m sure is a big hole (which I suspect is crack in Space and Time) in the wall when I uninstalled the vanity lights and oh, yeah, no electrical boxes whatsoever.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind the change. I’m more annoyed than anything because the task I thought I was going to complete in a day is now going to take much longer. It’s not a project budget buster because this is the exact reason why I always add extra money to my big project budgets. If I don’t have to use those funds for something unexpected – great! If I do, well, that’s why it’s there.

how to buy bathroom vanity lights


As a refresher, this is the bathroom renovation and decor plan I created.

mondern old world bathroom rennovation

As much as I love the big game hunt of searching everywhere and looking at everything to make a home decoration or design decision, my husband would rather have his leg caught in a rusty bear trap than do this with me. Naturally he wants to assist in the decision making because this is his house too. It’s just that our shopping processes differ and drive the other one crazy.

I learned very early on, that for design and marriage harmony, I treat design decisions with my husband the same way as I would with a work client. I seek out as many options as much as my little heart desires and present the top three options to my husband. Then we make the decision together. On the rare occasions that we can’t agree on something in the top three, I usually have a few others to choose from or I find something else that fits to consider later.

After much searching and drooling, these are my top three picks for bathroom vanity wall lights.

What type of bathroom lighting should I pick?

Help me decide!

Bathroom Vanity Light Option 1: Quoizel Grant Vanity Bath Lighting (learn more about it here) (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.) modern meets old world bathroom vanity light


This wall sconce is a combination of two of my favorite design styles: modern with an old world flair. The sconces can be installed with the lights pointing up or down which means I can always flip them around if I want a new look with a zero cost price tag. The only minor point is this light only sings with Edison light bulbs which I currently don’t have or keep extra on hand like I do regular style light bulbs.

Bathroom Vanity Light Option 2:  Stiffel Talon 3-Light Bath Light (learn more about it here)   


best apothocary style bathroom vanity light This is my personal top pick. I like how the round ball design on the bracket would coordinate with the rounded design on the new faucets and Delta shower door handles (learn about them here.) I am a little concerned that the white globe may cast yellow light in a room where I’ll be putting on makeup.

 Bathroom Vanity Light Option 3: Jonathan Y Shirley Bubbled Glass Vanity Light (learn more about it here)


best seed glass bathroom vanity lights



This wall sconce features seed glass globes, something I haven’t decorated with before, although truthfully while I like the seed glass today, I’m not sure how I’ll feel about it down the road which is similar to what happened to the lights this would replace. This is my least favorite of the three choices but not offensive if we can’t agree on one of the first two.

Which light would you choose?

Looking for more bathroom lighting and decor ideas? Check out the following options – and more! - below!

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carleton97 said...

I have upward facing lights over my bathroom mirror and they make applying makeup challenging. The shadows are weird.

Katharine said...

I love #2! Even before I read that it was your favorite, it jumped out at me!

I have some plans to redo my guest bathroom (a task my husband thinks I am crazy to undertake). I really think it really needs to done so I can stop shuddering every time I go in there. 😂

Unknown said...

Voting for #1, easier to clean. I have one simular and love it.

Carol Benton said...

My favorite is #1 for the way it would probably throw light down onto the vanity mirror for doing hair and make-up. All three choices are very attractive.

Unknown said...

You can't go wrong, any of the three would amazing in the space! I like number one the best! Good luck with your choice! Donna

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