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Friday, May 12, 2023

DIY Outdoor Plant Hanger

I have a bunch of pea seeds left from last year’s garden by design. I need to find a better way to plant them so the vines don’t take over my small patio container garden like they did last summer.

The heavy duty plant hanging eye bolt similar to this kind I used years ago and largely ignored gave me the inspiration to try growing peas in a hanging planter. (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.)

Spoiler alert: All of the hanging planters I found were so high off the ground they required my short little self to pull out a step stool to water them. I hate dragging out a step ladder to store things normal people can reach. That’s why anything above my head is dead to me – including hanging plants.

I considered a macrame plant hanger but I wasn’t sure how well cotton or jute cording would hold up outside. And again, the hangs the plant too high and over my head thing.

The only solution was to make an outdoor plant hanger myself. 


how to make an outdoor macrame plant hanger
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I bought two packages of this exact heavy duty UV treated weather resistant outdoor rope and ordered this exact heavy duty carabiner clip for hammocks and ariel silks. I figure if the carabiner clip is made to hold a human body than the lighter self watering flower pot I bought similar to this won’t crash to the ground either.


how to hang outdoor planters the easy way

The water chamber in the bottom of self watering flower pots makes them heavier than the same size conventional flower pot. I added a small layer of perlite (you can buy perlite here) instead of stones for drainage as well as mixing a healthy amount of perlite into the potting soil to the planter a little lighter.

I largely followed Persia Lou’s Simple DIY Macrame Indoor Plant Hanger tutorial with some extra knots to make a more significant plant basket to keep my plant pot from possibly falling out of the hanger on a windy day.

I made the planter on a carabiner hooked onto the eye bolt I planned to hang it from to easily customize the macrame planter to size of my flower pot and at a length where I can water the plant without a step stool.

Pro tip: Cut your macrame ropes longer than you think you will need. Wrapping each cord on itself to shorten it will keep the bottom of the ropes from getting tangled while you work. You can always trim any super long cords to size when you finish the tassel. 


how to keep macrame cords from tangling
Obviously the plant hanger took a ladder to make. I have not perfected flying or levitating – yet.

To keep the cut nylon hammock rope from frying and some of the slipping due to increased weight as the plant grows, I lightly fused the rope together with Be careful that you don’t burn yourself when you are playing with fire or burn away parts of the rope when all a you are trying to do is melt them together. 


how to keep cut nylon cord from fraying
Do this/center>


how to keep paracord knots in place
Not this. Oops!

I admit it isn’t perfect and there are a few mistakes but it’s not bad for my first macrame project. 


DIY outdoor plant hanger

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