Condo Blues: DIY Stylish Throw Blanket Storage

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

DIY Stylish Throw Blanket Storage

On cold nights, I find myself reaching for one of the many handmade throw blankets I have scattered throughout my house. Lacey, my dog, is drawn to these cozy blankets like a magnet.  In fact, she loves them so much that she often takes over the entire blanket, leaving me no choice but to grab a second one for myself. Which is why more often than not, I use a throw blanket.

As a result of the crafty women in my family, I have amassed quite the collection of hand-knit and crochet throws. However, storing them in our coat closet has become a chaotic challenge.

disorganized coat closet before
Coat closet BEFORE - Yikes!

Our coat closet is a disaster! It's overflowing with random items, and the blankets contribute to the chaos. I knew I needed a better storage solution for our beloved handmade throws.

At first, I considered blanket ladders and storage baskets. Then I quickly realized I would need multiple baskets as Lacey's favorite bulky yarn blanket takes up a lot of space. (The knit throw was made for me but Lacey quickly claimed it the second I put it on my lap.) Unfortunately, I don't have enough floor space in my living room for either – condo living don’tcha know. 

how to store a lot of throw blankets in a small space
Save this small space storage idea to your Pinterest boards for later! Share it with your friends!

Then, I stumbled upon an unconventional solution - a wicker Nattigibba laundry hamper from IKEA! It fits perfectly in our coat closet with plenty of room to spare and comes with a cloth liner to prevent the knit and crochet afghans from snagging.

how to store afghan and throw blankets
Best of all, I can have a nice and neat storage solution that doesn't involve folding!

If you don't have access to an IKEA, this is a similar decorative laundry hamper with a lid that I use for blanket storage. (Disclosure: I have included affiliate links for your convenience.

How do you organize and store your throw blankets?

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