Condo Blues: How Low Does Your Furnace Go?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How Low Does Your Furnace Go?

My friends and family consider me the Energy Saving Maven because I reduced my home’s natural gas and electric use by 32% using cheap home improvements and new habits. So it wasn’t a surprise when a friend of mine asked me to come to his house and help him lower his sky high heating bill last winter.

I trudged through the new fallen snow on his sidewalk and rang the doorbell. He answered it wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

It was easy to find the answer to his high energy use and heating bill.

I don’t expect you to lower your daytime temperatures to my frigid 58 degrees (F), but if you accept Crunchy Chicken's Freeze Your Buns Challenge and lower your heating temperature by only a few degrees it will do a world of good. In the case of my friend, he has rescue birds so he came up with lowering his daytime temperature from 75 to 68 degrees (F.)

This year, I’m using the One Million Acts of Green Give the Gift of Green Facebook app to send my friend a reminder to not to jack his furnace this winter.

You can use the One Million Acts of Green Give the Gift of Green Facebook app this November trough December to send a green act as a “gift” that publishes to their News Feed. If the person isn’t on Facebook, you can send your message to them as an e-card.

How low does your temperature go during the winter?

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Emily said...

My furnace? It hasn't even been turned on this year. I think the woman who lives in the apartment below me likes her apartment nice and toasty. My goal is to make it to December without turning on my heat. Wish me luck!

Ctrl-Alt-Health said...

I'm trying really hard not to turn on my heat for awhile. Our house is pretty well insulated; unfortunately, that means sometimes if it gets cold inside it holds it in! The lowest it has gotten inside overnight was 52, but it's been in the 60s (inside) lately. Last night we actually had to turn on the whole house fan because it was getting too warm! Last weekend when the temperatures started to drop I felt very chilled, this weekend I handled it better. I guess it just takes getting used to.

Robj98168 said...

Well like you I also do Crunchy's challenge- My thermostats are set up to a warm balmy 65 when I am home, 55 when I am away or in bed. I find that having a dog and a good pair of sweats to sleep in help a lot. Also I can be found wrapped in my snuggly on the couch when watching the boob tube.

Frances said...

At night we set ours on 50 and during the day the max is 55. We challenge each other to see who can hold out the longest before turning the heat up. I will admit it's not easy but I'm getting better at this game. I just wrote a post about how we stay warm if you want to check it out. Thanks for challenging people to go lower!

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