Condo Blues: Does Your Dog Shred Paper?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Does Your Dog Shred Paper?

Blitzkrieg is feeling much better after his knee surgery. I can tell he’s feeling much better because he was a bit stand offish before and obviously after his surgery. Recently he’s super cuddly. If anyone sits in Blitzkrieg’s favorite armchair, be prepared to have a dog on your lap.

Blitzkrieg wasn’t always Mr. Mellow Cuddle Buddy. Once upon a time, he was a scared abused dog. Once he started to come out of his shell, all of the energy Blitzkrieg spent worrying about being hit needed to go somewhere. That somewhere was my bathroom, where Blitzkrieg grabbed toilet tissue from the roll and shredded it.

A little privacy please? I have a roll to decimate.

After three years of behavior rehabilitation, I thought we were done with this issue.   I’m glad Blitzkrieg is getting back to his old self with one exception.  This dog is back to being a bundle of energy and can’t participate in sports yet. That energy has nowhere constructive to go. Except back into my bathroom -to shred toilet paper.

Which I usually discover a little too late in my hour of need ifyaknowwhatImean.

I don’t even know how Blitzkrieg does it. I bought a much higher toilet tissue holder when I remodeled the bathroom to thwart him. The dog must be part ninja.

 14 inches tall my tail - I can so make that!

I mention the incident to Husband he says he knew all about it. He cleaned up the mess in the bathroom but didn’t replace the toilet roll because there was still some on the roll.

What he fails to realize is that the female member of this household (me) usually needs more than 1 square to get the job done.


That stops right here. Right now. I’m joining the White Cloud Roll-volution because I live with a Ripper (of the canine variety.)

 I’d out Husband but he makes my dinner, and well, I like to eat.
Of course, you’re welcome to watch the videos on the White Cloud Roll-volution Headquarters, guess what kind of non roll replacer Husband is, and come back and tell me out it.  He can’t get mad at me for that, right?

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Frances said...

At our house the cat is the shredder. Actually he's a licker and what he doesn't eat turns into a sticky mess of toilet paper still on the roll! It's hard to get it separated so it will roll properly!

Krista said...

I live in a house with dh, 3 teenage boys and 2 shih tzu puppies who think toilet paper is a food group, so I never seem to have what I need, when I need it. I had to put my foot down and banish everyone - human and canine - from MY bathroom. When that didn't work, I started keeping a few extra rolls under the sink.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Frances - I'm sorry. Ew!

Krista - I keep extra rolls under the sink too. Unfortunately I'm the only one who knows how to CHANGE them. *sigh*

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Oh, Blitzkrieg is so darn cute, I'm sure you can't get angry at a face like that. My Buddy (dog) has a bad habit of pushing all the pillows off the sofa and making himself comfortable, and he never puts them back.
I recognize three of the four t.p. blunders. If we still had our cat, it would be four of four.
Cute post and thank you for visiting with me:)

Robj98168 said...

Romeo would never!!!! Sammy Cat, though another story. And yes, I change the rolls.

Anonymous said...

Ditto - the cats will do it but prefer paper towels to toilet tissue.
However - the dogs shred other towels which gets me seeing red. They loved being rubbed down after bath time but once the human contact stops the games begin.

Robj98168 said...

Oh sure BETSY brought up Romeo's bad habit. He does the same thing. that and dragging his dog bed. all over the house - I think he gets amorous with it. Stupid Neutered dog.

Style, Decor & More said...

What a little stinker - looks guilty to me! Too cute though!
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