Condo Blues: Princess’s Tequila Snowman

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Princess’s Tequila Snowman

I like to decorate with snowmen because they are happy little guys you can leave out after Christmas as a winter decoration. Well, that is, unless you are our Queen of No Property Manager who argued that the snowman I hung  on my door was a Christmas decoration and should be taken down last February (during a blizzard I might add when the real thing dotted lawns all over the neighborhood.)

Of course, I shot back it wasn’t right she assumed I even celebrate Christmas (although we do) because we live in a multicultural neighborhood (which I love!) and I don’t remember anything about a snowman crossing the dessert to visit the baby Jesus in the stable – who was really born in March, not December.

I left the snowman on my door until the Spring Solstice -which is in March for spite. Heh.

Needless to say, I’m considering putting out snowmen this January after we take down our Christmas decorations. Maw-ha-ha!

I think a nice little grouping of A Creative Princess’stequila snowmen  will fit the bill. Terri upcycled a tequila bottle and a round glass vase (She bought hers at a craft store. I’m sure you can find they by the dozen at a thrift store) and clay pot into this adorable snowman!

I already offered to help her empty more bottles so she can make another snowman. Hee!

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Anonymous said...

So cute!
Sue Clarke

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