Condo Blues: Cinderella Coach Playhouse

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cinderella Coach Playhouse

My best friend's dad built her and her sister a wood playhouse that looks like a little red school house. It had sliding glass windows with bug screens, a locking door, and bench seats that doubled as daybeds for the most AWESOME LITTLE GIRL SLEEPOVERS EVER!

I was more than a little jealous because we rented at the time which meant no epic cool playhouse for me. Instead I made elaborate blanket forts in our rec room.

I've more than a little obsessed with playhouses ever since.

Especially when I see something like the La Belle Au Bois Dormant Coach playhouse. Just look at this thing!

I want one for my backyard

The detailing is amazing. It puts my woodworking skills to shame. This level of skill is something to strive for though.

The most telling thing about the craftsman ship of this playhouse:

1. It is from a company called Posh Tots (VERY, VERY posh tots.)

2. The price is not listed on their web site but a similar pumpkin coach bed goes for $47, 000.00.

Yes, 47K for a kid's bed.

For that price, I can almost buy the kid a real one bedroom house.

Good think I don't have a kid. At $47,000.00 it would be blanket fort city for them too.

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Anonymous said...

Not a bit of that is water-resistant. The only place you could keep it outdoors is the Gobi desert.

Mary said...

Ha ha - I can just imagine giving one to a kid - after the new wears off, she's building blanket forts again;)

ff said...

Dear lord. That is amazing, though. I need to take up carpentry.

Pocketful Of Dreams said...

That is one awesome playhouse! Too rich for my blood, though!

Liz said...

Wow, that's a gorgeous playhouse!

Anonymous said...

wow that is beautiful!

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