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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Epic AT AT Loft Bed

The first movie I remember having to stand in a line to buy a ticket (instead a walk up ticket counter) is Star Wars. And just like every other kid at the time, I was nuts for it.

Before we proceed with the rest of this post, point of order: Han shot first!

Moving on.

The closest I ever got to themed bedding was a set of Mickey Mouse sheets and Star Wars posters on my wall (a gift with purchase of a fast food kid's meal.) It was probably the most practical thing for my parent to do given most kids have fickle whims on what's hot and what's not in character room decor.

But I would throw that practical decorating out the window if I had a Star Wars loving kid (who because they are my kid and I have passed down the awesome would naturally despise Jar Jar Binks and everything but the Yoda scenes and Mace Windo in the first three movies) and that kid wanted me to build them an At At loft bed like The Dutilly Family did for their son.

Well done, I salute you sir!
They thought of everything needed for a kid's room wrapped up in the epic coolness of this bed. There is built in toy storage in the stairs leading up to the loft bed. There is a window where the parent can check in on their sleeping Jedi at night. Provided the little guy doesn't Jedi Mind Trick his parents into thinking he is sleeping in his bed when he is really sneaking a midnight cookie snack from the kitchen.

Plastic or no, the 3D detail on this bed rocks!

They used PVC pipe for the gear detailing and blasters. I'm sure you could green it up if you used wood dowels instead of PVC plastic pipe.

All photos courtesy of The Dutilly Family 

I love how he designed it so it looks like the At At is taking a step. Bravo sir! Bravo!

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Robj98168 said...

Totally F'ing cool. And I wouldn't lose a lot of sleep over using a few pieces of PVC, especially when it turns out so right.

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