Condo Blues: 12 Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Summer Decor Ideas

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

12 Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Summer Decor Ideas

Memorial Day kicks off my favorite season - summer! Woo hoo!

Husband and I have an even better reason to celebrate this year. Good friends will visit us from Germany that weekend. What better way to welcome our friends to the United States and celebrate Memorial Day (and pre decorate for the Fourth of July) than with patriotic red, white, and blue decor!

I like to hang banners and garlands on my porch rails. I like the texture of Uncommon Designs burlap flag banner and how it will work in a variety of decorating styles.

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Designs

I also like the stripe detail on Sweeter than Sweets star garland. Can you believe she made it out of paint chips?

Photo courtesy of Sweeter than Sweets

I'm tucking Better Homes and Gardens red, white, and blue bunting into the Idea Center of my mind (AKA Lisa's Kooky Idea Center if you listen to how Husband describes it which you probably shouldn't because Condo Blues is not his blog. It is mine.) Every summer when I finally remember to buy porch bunting it is too close to the Fourth of July and the stores are sold out. Their project is an incentive to use some of the fabric in my stash to make it.

Photo courtesy of Better Home and Gardens

While I'm at it, the front door could use some Memorial Day decor too. I think this red, white, and blue ribbon wreath is playful and fun. Husband says it is just like me - loopy.

I can't find the original source for this wreath. If it is yours or you know
 the source please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

Michele of The Scrap Shop created a burlap and denim flag wreath that would coordinate nicely the with burlap flag garland.

Photo courtesy of The Scrap Shop 

Instead of a traditional door wreath, hanging Craftaholics Anonymous' star and stripes sign on the front door would look fine too. Hey, I rhymed!

Photo courtesy of Craftaholics Anonymous

My porch tables could use a few patriotic decorations too. I can easily make Chicken Scratch NY's firecrackers from scrap wood (what is with me and the burlap today?) I also like that they are reusable fireworks because they are the non-explody kind.

Photo courtesy of Chicken Scratch NY

I can't leave out the garden when it comes to decorating. Artsy Va Va's recycled bottle humming bird feeder is for the birds!

Photo courtesy of  Artsy Va Va 

 Paper pinwheels! Play with them during your picnic and plant them afterward to keep dogs and cats out of your garden (read my post about it here.)

Photo courtesy of Practically Functional

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

It wouldn't hurt to dress the part while we are celebrating from top... 

The stars glow in the dark!
Photo courtesy of Dukes and Duchesses bottom with my tie dye drop cloth shoes.

Learn how I made my tie dye drop cloth shoes here

How do you decorate for the summer holidays?

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