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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Drop Cloth Patio Chair Covers

It only took me 8 years to realize I should do something to protect the chairs on my front porch from rain and winter snow unless I want to keep making my chairs over every two years or so.

That is not a difficult thing to do. But I’d rather spend that time working on a new project, like helping our girl Lacey become a balanced and confident dog. That project gives kisses!


My chair projects do not give me kisses.

Sad Lisa Sad smile

I don’t have room in the garage to store the chairs during the winter. I don’t think I can find a chair cover that would look decent enough for the HOA not to complain or shred in the elements like our vinyl grill cover.

Is there some rule I don’t know about that makes outside stuff last 2 winters or less?

I pulled the sewing pattern I used to make covers for these chairs when they lived inside our newlywed apartment. The pattern is discontinued or I would share it with you. If you want to do this project, I suggest you buy Window Treatments and Slipcovers For Dummies by Mark Montano on Amazon.for instructions on how to measure, calculate the amount of fabric, and make these slipcovers.

This book is my go to resource for making slipcovers and upholstering furniture. I upholstered three sofas and a dozen chairs and I still use it a reference whenever I make a slipcover or upholster a piece of furniture. That. Good.

I sewed the slipcovers from a canvas drop cloth because the LOL Cat drop cloth grill cover I made survived winter just fine. In fact the drop cloth grill cover looks exactly the same as the day I made it.

I cut the hem off the drop cloth and used it for chair ties. I am afraid cording won’t last in the snow and didn’t want to skip it. I don’t want a wind storm to blow my porch chair covers to Canada.

Tie one on and keep Canada tidy!

I got an unexpected bonus of having a neutral palette to work with when I decorate the house for Halloween and Christmas. This will be a nice change from trying to work around the summer colors I used to make over the chairs.

I’d also approve of that treat you promised me for modeling your chair covers Lisa.

Lacey approves!

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