Condo Blues: 11 Painted Desk Makeovers

Thursday, April 3, 2014

11 Painted Desk Makeovers

 I’m finally on a roll when it comes to decorating the craft room guest room. The general color scheme is falling into place. The decorating style is gelling into Whimsy Retro Fun.

I don’t know if Whimsy Retro Fun is a real world legitimate design style but it is in LisaLand and that’s what counts.

A friend gave me her childhood student desk when she moved. I took it to use as a sewing table until I was ready to buy a real sewing machine cabinet. One of the surprising of being pint size, is I later realized that the student desk fits me better than a big girl sewing table. Instead of replacing the desk, I put that money towards bigger and better and not sewing machine table things.

Years later the desk doesn’t need replacing but it could use a redo. I poked around for furniture makeover inspiration and found a bunch. Do you want to take a look? Of course you do!


End table bookshelf desk – Time to hit the thrift stores and yards sales. It is desk building time!

Union Jack Desk – I like Union Jacks. The ice cream parlor chair makes it.

Painted desk with chalk paint – If I had one tiny ounce of painting talent like Colleen, I’d die a happy woman.

Saw Horse Desk – The bright blue will keep you from falling asleep over homework.

Anthropologie Inspired Desk – This desk was inspired by a shower curtain. Really.

Children's Hand Painted Desk – I’d order one in a heartbeat.


Painted desk drawer surprise – I’m seriously considering doing something similar with my desk.

Turquoise desk The cheery color combination and ball drawer pulls made me fall for this desk.

Color block school desk – Straight painter’s tape lines and hombre drawers? This one I can do!

Circa Desk – So fun!

Retro Painted Desk – This is similar to the shape of my desk. If the top and sides were in better shape, I’d just make over the drawers with paint.

Do you have a favorite?

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