Condo Blues: DIY Glass Bead Valentine’s Day Wreath

Thursday, January 22, 2015

DIY Glass Bead Valentine’s Day Wreath

I’m doing something different this winter. I get a case of the blues most winters after I put away our Christmas décor. The inside of the house is almost as colorless as the overcast gray winter days outside and will stay that way until everything starts blooming in the spring.

I’m trying something new and adding a bit of color to the house by decorating for Valentine’s Day.
I found a metal heart shaped wreath form at Joann’s. I used that as my inspiration and with a little upcycled fabric and a whole bunch of glass vase fillers (also called glass craft rounds) I made a heart shaped Valentine’s Day wreath.

Glass bead Valentines day heart wreath
Even better the metal wreath form is sturdier and less likely to break than the not so eco friendly foam wreath forms. Yay!

How to Make a Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Wreath

You will need:

Metal heart shape wreath form

Red fabric or ribbon


Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Red glass vase filler/craft discs (I used approximately a bag and a half of glass craft discs for my wreath. You might need more or less depending upon the size of your wreath form)

Ribbon or lace for hanging

Make it:

1. Cut with the scissors as needed, wrap, and hot glue the red fabric or ribbon to the metal wreath form.

glass bead valentine wreath
I’m using red fabric my mom removed from one of her old projects and gave me to “be creative with.” Thanks Mom!

2. Attach the red glass in rows to the front of the wreath. Allow the hot glue to dry completely.

glass and metal valentine heart wreath

Tip: No matter how careful I try to be, I always end up with at least one hot glue gun burn that blisters my fingers.

I started wearing Hot Glue Gun helpers when I work with hot glue and I don’t have to deal with burning my fingers! These little bits of silicone are pure magic!) I bought my Hot Glue Gun Helpers from Amazon here.

3. Tie the ribbon in a bow around the wreath and hang it up!

Valentines day heart outdoor decor

The glass beads make this wreath heavy. I recommend using a sturdy wreath hanger and hanging it on a wall or door you do not use.

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