Condo Blues: 20 DIY Earphone Cases

Thursday, July 30, 2015

20 DIY Earphone Cases

I’m more likely to listen to music on my phone if I have earphones with me. Unfortunately most of my earphones sit all by themselves in a drawer. Even the cute painted earphones I made over (read the tutorial here.)

  These earphone case ideas make great gifts too!

My earphone cases are long gone. I need replacements. Yes, replacements.

20 Clever Earphone Holders for Music on the Go

I have several pairs of earphones and my plan is to keep them in cases strategically around the house, my purse, and gym bag so will always have access to music and not bother my neighbors. That means I need several cute earbud cases. Here are some of my favorites.

 1.  Use a travel sized Q-Tip case to hold ear buds – The Enchanted Yankee

2. Altoid tin earphone holder – Condo Blues

3. How To: Make an Earbud Holder from a Credit Card – Man Made Old gift cards will work too!

4. Gwee Sport Ear bud Storage Clip - Amazon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links because sometimes I have to get real with myself and buy the thing I've been putting off making.

5. Easy Duct Tape Earphone Case – Pepper Scraps

6. 10 Minute DIY Taco Ear Phone Holder – Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

7. key chain ear phone holder from a mint container – make it and love it

8. Repurpose an empty thread spool into an ear phone holder – Pop Sugar

9. Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial – Dog Under My Desk

10. Washi Tape Pill Bottle Earphone Holder – Condo Blues

11. Wine Cork Earphone Holder – First for Women
12. Hair Clip Headphone Holder – Right at Home

13.  How to Make a Keychain Snap Ear Bud Pouch – Dear Handmade Life

14. DIY Clothespin Cable Tidy – Buzzfeed

15. Niceeshop Hard Clamshell Waterproof Headset Case – Amazon

16. Portable Container for Earphones from a Mentos Container – Instructables

17.  Readeel Multi Functional Magnetic Headset Winder – Amazon

18  Repurpose a cassette tape case into an ear bud holder – Citymade

19. DIY earphones and charger roll – Brit + Co

20.  Trash Hacker: Plastic Bread Clip to Earphone Tamer - Trash Tamer

If you'd rather buy than DIY, check out the ear bud and head phone cases and holders below!

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