Condo Blues: The House of Unfinished DIY Projects

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The House of Unfinished DIY Projects

Husband had a dream.

One of those I dreamed I ate a giant marshmallow and in the morning my pillow was gone kind of dreams.

His dream was about making a list of DIY projects we need to do and actually finishing them.

I have no idea how his subconscious cooked up that idea for a dream.

We hit the one year anniversary of my flooding our bathrooms. It still looks like this minus the blowers. 

It's not like parts of my craft room have gone from this:

Back to something more like this.

There is a guest bed underneath all of this


In our defense, after spending time in DIY Limbo waiting for the insurance company to do their thing and access the water damage I’ got sick with dust allergy related issues. Everything had to stop for three months while I shuffled around hoping to feel better soon.  Once I was better, I got sick again and had to stop. Frustrating!

I’m not the only one. Husband has a bunch of projects he has been putting off too.

Because synergy.

I grabbed a nearby notebook and started to make a real list on paper of the unfinished and unstarted (lookie! I made a new word!) DIY projects that have been floating around on our personal mental lists.
It is four pages long.

It is not a full size notebook, by the way.

I can't get  Walk the Moon's Anna Sun (This House is Falling Apart) out of my head.

Now that I have a DIY inspired soundtrack to work to, where and how do we start?

Do you have any tips?

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