Condo Blues: 10 Amazing Pirate Ship Beds

Thursday, September 17, 2015

10 Amazing Pirate Ship Beds

Ahoy ye matey!

In honor ‘o International Talk Like a Pirate Day I be roundin’ up a bevvy of pirate d├ęcor for ye children be they wee pirate lads or wee pirate lasses. Yaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!

 10 Incredible Pirate Ship Beds
Pin for later ya scurvy dog! 

</end pirate voice mode>

I’m using International Talk Like a Pirate Day as a big fat crazy excuse to dive head first into my Pinterest boards (follow me @condobues on Pinterest pretty please?) and share with you 10 of the most spine twinging, shiver me timbers and blow me down pirate ship kids beds that will make you the coolest parent on planet earth.

Or if you can fit one into your master bedroom, make your inner pirate child happy.

Condo Blues Lady Pirate

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of chardonnay!
I’m a girly pirate. I leave the rum rations to the rabble and bilge rats below decks.
(Truthfully, the ‘wine’ in my mug is sports drink so I don't get heatstroke for history.)

Incredible Pirate Bedroom Decor

Pirate Ship Crib – Start ‘em out early!

Handmade Quality Pirate Ship Adventure Bed – This Etsy masterpiece is the only furniture a pirate kid needs on Treasure Island. The bed has built in cupboard, toy storage, and two lift up cubbies for stashing treasure or toys or both. You even get to name your ship!

Pirate ship bunk bed with seahorse figurehead – This DIY pirate bunk bed has fun handmade details including hand turned cannons and a seahorse figurehead to placate the gods of the sea, ensure a safe voyage, and sweet dreams.

10 Incredible Pirate Ship Beds

Screen Printed Pirate ship bed – For those of you how aren’t as confident about your faux wood painting. *Raises hand*

Dingy Twin Bed – A good option if you have two captains sharing the same room.

Pirate Ship Loft Bed – is a unique take on a pirate ship bed by looking at it from the bottom of the sea!! It is rope bridge is strong enough to hold the weight of an adult chambermaid and cleaning wench.

Double Bunk Pirate Ship Bed – Has two sleeping areas, and a small play area in the bottom bunk behind the cannons.  

Hanging boat bed – Sleep with the gentle rock of the high seas!

Pirate ship bed and shark desk – Because even pirates need a place to do their homework.

Sunken Viking Ship Bed and Deep Sea Mural – Is not really a Viking ship or looks sunken. In all honestly I don’t think the builder realizes that Vikings and Pirates are from two different parts of the world and time periods. Still cool though.

Which pirate ship bed is your favorite?

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