Condo Blues: 10 Garage Storage and Organizing Hacks

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

10 Garage Storage and Organizing Hacks

Fall is one of those busy DIY transition times in the garage. The summer things need to be cleaned and put away for winter and it’s time to dig out the rakes to deal with all of those leaves falling off the trees that make Fall, well, Fall.

Fall is also a great time to reorganize the storage in your garage. Need some help? I have 10 garage hacks to share with you!

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(Not that I pinned all of these hacks to Pinterest (follow Condo Blues on Pinterest, please?)  because I personally need every single one of them. OK. I’ll be honest. I need to all of these hacks to keep our garage neat and tidy.

1. Save floor space with One Project Closer’s How to Build Collapsible Sawhorses.

2. Get those storage tubs off the floor with Family Handyman’s Create a Sliding Storage System On the Garage Ceiling

3. Make a workbench with tool storage from old kitchen cabinets and pallets in my (Condo Blues’) Recycled Kitchen Cabinet and Wood Pallet Workbench

4. Extend the time you can comfortably work in your garage during the winter and summer with my (Condo Blues’) Garage Workshop Transformation: Insulate the Garage Door

5. Keep your garage neat (and potential paint splatters on your car) with  Harts and Sharts  DIY Garage Paint Booth

6. Instructables Folding Extension Cord Organizer will keep your extension cords from being a hot, tangled mess (or is that just mine?)

7. Make a dust collection system with a shop vac in Sawdust Girl’s How to Make a Dust Collector

8. Make a little more room to move around the the garage by making your bikes accessible but out of the way in Decorating Your Small Space’s 11 Creative to Store a Bike
9. Use Wood Magazine’s idea of mounting a power strip to the cross brace of your saw horses to keep you from accidently cutting a power cord.

10. Get all of those screws, nuts, bolts,and other hardware floating around your workshop organized with Family Handyman’s Hardware Storage: DIY Tips and Hints

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