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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bottle Cap Wreath

Husband and I have have a huge bottle cap collection just waiting for me to reuse them to make awesome bottle cap crafts and DIY projects. Last year Create. Craft. Love. gave me a blank wreath form and challenged me to make a wreath for her blog. The first thing that popped into my mind was - make a bottlecap wreath!

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If you do not have five years worth of bottle caps in coordinating colors you can still do this project if you spray paint your mismatched bottle caps in coordinating colors before you start making this wreath.

I added black rhinestones in between the bottle caps because I thought too much of wreath form showed through.  In hindsight, I should have left the rhinestones off because it a little cleaner design. So if you are looking for sparkly Christmas bottle cap wreath go to town with the rhinestones. If you want an every day bottle cap wreath leave them off. Or add the rhinestones for every day shimmer. It's your wreath the choice is yours!

Let's get on with our bottle cap craft tutorial shall we?

How to Make a Wreath Out of Bottle Caps

You will need:

1 18” Styrofoam wreath form
Craft paint and paint brush
77 copper bottle caps
218 black bottle caps
3 packages of black rhinestones (assorted sizes)
Hot glue
Black wired ribbon
2 pop tabs and a small piece of cord.

Make it:

1. Use the paint brush to paint to paint the wreath form so the white background will not show through your embellishments. Allow the paint to dry.

  It is best to check that your brand craft paint can be used on Styrofoam before you paint your wreath form. Do not use spray paint. Spray paint will melt Styrofoam. Oh no!

2. Hot glue one row of black bottle caps in the center of the wreath.

Please be careful handling the hot glue, it can easily burn your fingers! Guess how I know?

3. Hot glue one row of copper bottle caps on either side of the black bottle caps.

4. Hot glue two rows of black bottle caps to the outside and inside edges of the wreath.

5. Optional: Fill any gaps in between the bottle caps with hot glue and black rhinestones.

I waited until the glue was cool before I started to remove the hot glue strings you see here.

6. Make a ribbon bow and hot glue it to the top of the wreath.

Bow time!

7.  Make a wreath hanger by hot gluing two soda pop tabs the the back of the wreath and tying a loop of cord or ribbon through the tab tops.

8. Hang your wreath and celebrate!

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