Condo Blues: What’s in Your Trash and How Do You Reduce it (or Not?)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What’s in Your Trash and How Do You Reduce it (or Not?)

I’ve been thinking a lot about trash lately. The stuff in the bin outside your house, not about tawdry things. Lacey is a genteel lady who not tolerate dirty things in her home (unless it is something muddy or smelly to roll in.)

 I love mud!

I’ve been mulling over ideas to share how to reduce your household trash since the New Year.  I’m coming up short because every draft I write sounds like some big green guru sitting on a mountain top looking down  her nose at the world thinking that my Swiss Army knife of low waste options are the Pinnacle of One Size Fits All Solution to reducing household waste.

Or at least it feels that way and that is not my intent at all.

I want to offer options not absolutes because, honestly, there aren’t any one size fits all eco friendly low waste living solutions. It all depends on where you live, how you like to live, family size, etc.

Which is why I write about how green living often saves money because it feels less pretentious. Well that and the two often go hand in hand for our family and is the reason why our only debt is our mortgage which is one incentive to keep on keeping on. The other is enjoying having the funds available to clear out a store during a shoe sale.

This is an average week of  landfill trash for my family (minus doggie duty because ew.)

So, what’s in your trash? Is there anything that you have too much of that you want to reduce or want to recycle?  No guilt. No judgments, please. That’s not productive.

If you have any trash reducing or recycling tip please share them with us in the comments below! I’m particularly interested in how you reduce household waste when you live in a rural area. I get emails from readers asking for tips but have little to offer because I’m spoiled with options living in a major city.

Ready. Set. Share!

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