Condo Blues: Quick and Easy DIY Wood Shower Floor Tile

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Quick and Easy DIY Wood Shower Floor Tile

I absolutely adore high end teak in a bathroom, especially the trend of using it for a shower floor. It is warm, it has texture, and not to mention wood is more eco friendly than the vinyl shower pan that came with my house.

On the flip eco side, keeping the current shower floor during our bathroom remodel to be is uses less new resources than ripping it out and replacing it with a new shower pan and wood shower tile just for looks sake.

Fortunately the solution was a quick, easy, and split the eco friendly middle IKEA hack away – install removable outdoor wood deck tile over the current the shower floor.

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If you think this project is merely an excuse to visit our new IKEA store, you might not be wrong.

Sometimes the truth hurts, I know.

How to Make a Removable Teak Shower Floor Mat

You will need:

12 x 12 outdoor IKEA Runnen wood deck tiles –  You can find similar teak snap together wood decking on Amazon here 

No slip gripping drawer liner

Dremel and cutting wheel

Cool safety glasses (because silver safety glasses are boring!)


A foot

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How to make this project:

1. Cut the no slip drawer liner to fit the shower floor. Make sure to leave an opening for the shower drain!

Originally I install the wood shower floor tiles without the gripping shelf liner underneath. I quickly added a few strips of it after the tiles shifted the first time I stepped on the new wood shower floor. Problem solved!

2. Snap the wood floor decking together to cover  your shower floor.

Most of the shower floor tiles clicked into place using my hands. For the few deck tiles that didn’t want to lock, a good hard STOMP with my foot at the seams encouraged them to stick together.

3. If needed, use the Dremel to cut through the plastic backing to shorten the tiles.

4. Take a shower and clean up your act!

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Amanda said...

How has this held up over the years? Are you still using it?

michelleg said...

We are considering doing something just like this in our new house. How has is held up through the years and have you been able to keep it clean?

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