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Saturday, November 25, 2017

25 Days of Alternative Christmas Movies

I like watching a good holiday movie but I swear Christmas movies only use four major plots they recycle, over, and over, and over, again:
  • Dickens' A Christmas Carol
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Helping Santa/the town/an event/the disadvantaged overcome a mean or terrible obstacle or their will not be a Christmas/Event
  • And if you’re the Hallmark Channel, it usually involves a sappy sweet love story of finding a significant other, lost family member, or quite possible a puppy
Actually the puppy is wishful thinking on my part. I love dogs!

After one too may years of being forced to watch the same trite children’s Christmas special or ooey, gooey, and predictable December  movie (or coming home grumpy from being stuck in holiday traffic) makes the little pink haired punk rock girl who still lives inside me want to kick the doors off my holiday entertainment with a Christmas explosion or a monster or two.

Pin this list for later! Come on, you know you wanna.

If you need a break from watching  the holiday same old, same old, put the kiddoes to bed and break out my list of 25 non traditional Christmas movies – one for each day of December leading up to and including Christmas!

25 of the Best Non Traditional Christmas Movies for December   

All of these movies are on my personal viewing list and the last 10 especially are some of my all time favorite movies, that just so happen to have a Christmas scene in them so  I have no problem recommending it to you (and using my affiliate links.) So throw me a bone well ya? Well, actually, the few coins thrown my way when you get any of these goodies (at no additional cost to you) actually helps me buy Lacey a bone (but mostly dog food.)

Day 1  The Royal Tennenbaums

Day 2  Deadpool

Day 3 Die Hard

Day 4 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Day 5 Die Hard 2 – Die Harder – McClaine really needs to stay away from airports at Christmas, just sayin’ 

Day 6   Ghostbusters 2 Ghostbusters was my favorite movie as a kid and still like it better than the sequel but the original doesn’t have a Christmas connection which is the reason why Ghostbusters 2 makes my list

Day 7  Boogie Nights

Day 8 Iron Man 3 – When Tony Stark Turns on Christmas lights it is usually comes with a lot of explosions

Day 9 Harry Potter Movie SeriesAll of the movies except Deathly Hallow Part 2 have Christmas scenes but you just can’t leave that one out of a good all day HP movie marathon can you?

Day 10 Cast Away – Never remove your shoes when flying in an airplane

Day 11 Stalag 17

Day 12 The English Patient

Day 13 Less Than Zero – features one of my favorite songs to rock out to on karaoke nights Hazy Shade of Winter

Day 14 Jurassic World -  What better way to spend your Christmas break than to be eaten by GMO dinosaurs?  Featuring the best on brand cameo in the history of ever – Jimmy Buffet saving himself – and his margarita – from a rampaging dino.

Day 15  Go

Day 16 Metropolitan My husband appears as an extra in this movie!

Day 17  The Ref Dennis Leary as a burglar turned accidental family therapist. Too funny!

Day 18 The Thin Man

Day 19 Life of Brian

Day 20  Catch Me if You Can

Day 21 The Long Kiss Goodnight

Day 22  Brazil – Terry Gilliam's vision of the future. It’s weird.

Day 23  Mommy Dearest – A camp classic! Try to spot Christina’s stunt butt (a pair of pajama pants wearing an obvious square pillow) in the infamous NO WIRE HANGER EV-VAAAAH! scheme

Day 24  RENT is my absolute favorite musical and seeing most of the original Broadway cast makes it even more so!

And finally, my all time alternative Christmas movie once described in its movie trailer as “a new high in low taste”…

Day 25 Female Trouble   - The Pope of Trash himself John
Waters wrote and directed this early film about what happens to a teenage girl (played by Divine) when she doesn’t her heart’s desire for Christmas -  a pair of cha cha heels – runs away from home and turns to a life of crime.

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