Condo Blues: How to Refill a Car Vent Clip Air Freshener

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How to Refill a Car Vent Clip Air Freshener

It is not very green or eco friendly, but I use a Fabreeze type vent clip air freshener in the car.

Yes, I know, I know. I’m fully aware of the questionable synthetic ingredients in plug in air fresheners like Glade, Air Wick, Yankee Candle, and the like but I was driving around in a car that smelled like wet dog and gym socks and it was too cold to clean out the car.

Feel free to yell at me and tell me what a horrible person I am in the comments below if you must.

DIY Car Air Freshener How to Refill a Vent Clip with Essential Oil

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I now know refillable stainless steel essential oil car clip diffusers like this one exist and I’d use one if I would remember to add it to one of my many Amazon orders (in fact I rely on it so much I have no problem recommending it to you (and using my affiliate links) but I keep forgetting.

In the meantime, I recycle my empty vent clip car air freshener into a new non toxic car air freshener by refilling it with my favorite essential oil.

How to Make a DIY Essential Oil Car Air 


You can use whatever type of essential oil you like for this project, heck you can use a fragrance oil if you want too (I’m in no position to judge since I admitted to basically doing the same thing.)
Although I will suggest you steer clear of the traditionally relaxing oils like lavender or chamomile. The last thing you want to do is get sleepy while you are driving!

Since Lacey rides in my car often, I check what oil I want to in my car air freshener use against this helpful list 30 Essential Oils that May Not be Safe for Pets.

You will need:

Empty car vent clip air freshener

Large embroidery needle

Eye dropper

The essential or fragrance oil of your choice - I usually buy my essential oils on Amazon here because it is easier)

Step by step how to make it:

1. Make a hole in the top of an empty plug in air freshener with the large embroidery needle.

DIY non toxic essential oil car freshener

2. Use the eyedropper to fill the vent clip air freshener with the essential oil of your choice through the hole you made in the top of the air freshener.

DIY car air freshener diffuser

This step might be a little messy. 
You may want do this step over a large bowl or sink for easy clean up.

3. Clip the essential oil air freshener onto your heating and air conditioner car vent and drive around town!

If you'd rather buy than DIY, check out the reusable refillable car air freshener options - and more! - below!

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Why not use a syringe? Much cleaner and quicker.

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